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Have you ever been shopping for a new set of goggles and noticed so many different looks and colors that it made your head spin? Well, today we are going to cover some different colors that are available and what makes them different! Below is a list of the various colors and a brief description as to what they do and their effectiveness towards protecting your eyes. Black: The Black lensed goggles gives eye protection against both BBs and the sun! These goggles are ideal when playing in a sunnyRead More
Have you ever been in the middle of a fire fight, when you are about to run out in a blazing glory just to have your goggles fog up? I’m sure we all have! When it comes to making sure that your goggles don’t fog up it only takes a few moments to save minutes of gameplay and frustration. Below are some products that we suggest taking a look at when trying to fog proof your goggles. First on our list are the anti-fog lens wipes. These wipes are aRead More

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Airsoft Gear To Keep Hydrated During Play

Staying hydrated in the field is vital for the safety, effectiveness, and overall enjoyment of any airsoft event. Austin, Airrattle team representative, wrote an in-depth article regarding methods of remaining well-hydrated and reducing fatigue. In this article, we’ll be looking at two different pieces of gear that make it easier to keep yourself hydrated without adding much bulk or having to carry five water bottles in your cargo pockets. The most popular and arguably the easiest way to carry water is through reservoirs. Commonly referred to as “Camelbaks” and “bladders,”Read More
When playing airsoft finding the right mask or goggles for your play style can be difficult. Finding the right goggles or mask when you have prescription glasses is even harder. I have been playing for a long time now and have had to search and search for the right pair but I have found some along the way that are great for the player with glasses, when you don’t want to order RX lens for your googgles. I have provided a list below with some goggles and a mask thatRead More
There are many different weapon variants that are commonly found in airsoft. Many airsoft players who dive into the world of tactical gear often find it difficult to find the correct magazine pouch that will properly fit their airsoft gun’s magazines. In this article, we will be breaking down the compatibility between different airsoft gun pouches & magazines. Two of the most popular airsoft guns are variants based off of the M4/AR platform and the AK/Kalashnikov platform. When it comes to finding magazine pouches for these airsoft guns, there isRead More
Weekend events are what airsoft is all about. Two big names in this category are Operation Lion Claws and Blacksheep MilSim. Check them out when you get a chance. While I have not had the pleasure of attending one of these events in person, it has been my long standing dream to make it to Operation Irene. When you attend one of these events, you’re going to need a good airsoft gun. I’m not saying jump up and buy a VFC to make it to one of these events, butRead More

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The Tactical Uses of a Shemagh

The number of uses for a shemagh is practically endless, the most common, of which are also the most useful. Whether you’re using it for airsoft or as part of a survival kit, a shemagh should always be part of your gear. Using Your Shemagh in Airsoft At an airsoft event, the shemagh is most commonly used for face protection. There are many different ways to tie it, but almost always it deals with protecting the face. If you use a full face shield, you can also place it aroundRead More
When I first started playing airsoft, MilSim players were who I looked to for inspiration. They looked like real operators; they had great gear and guns. When I experienced my first MilSim event, I realized you don’t need an expensive loadout. Sure, they look cool, but they’re not necessary. When you go to a 24-hour MilSim event, you really just need a kit that’s light, comfortable, and meets the requirements. My first 24-hour MilSim event was at Camp Grayling, Michigan. I wouldn’t say I was prepared for it; it wasRead More
For a standard eight hour operation you would normally think you would dress comfortably, just need a few high cap magazines and maybe not even wear your rig. However, for an eight-hour MilSim event you will need a rig of some sort, preferably a plate carrier, along with your BDU’s, and a helmet if required. First thing you will need is a rig set up. You will also need a radio to keep in contact with your team. Your rig will need pouches for your magazines, as well as aRead More
This list will consist of the items I have acquired over the years that complete my perfect gear load out. I came up with this load out by playing and slowly added more items for what I was missing. This is my ideal Recon/FO based gear load out. First is the Tactical H Harness by Condor connected to the Gen II Battle Belt. This combination is light weight and allows for easy tactical movement. As the Recon Fire Team Leader, I do a lot of rolling, sliding, crawling, and remainingRead More