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Posted On September 29, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Tactics

3 Types of Grenades and Their Applications

In the sport of Airsoft, you want to take any leg up you can get. When I first started playing I remember getting pinned down and not being able to do anything about except telling my teammates where I was taking fire from, and hoping they could hit the player. I had never even considered grenades as a feasible thing in the sport. I began looking for more items to complete my load out when I first stumbled across the Thunder B. 1  The Thunder B The Thunder B isRead More
When we go to an airsoft event we all want to perform the best we possibly can. In order to be at the top of your game it is important to be physically conditioned for an event. We’ll going over some tips here to tell you how to prepare for it before, as well as help recover from it afterwards. This will include physical exercises, as well as how to sty properly hydrated throughout the event. As any of us who have ever participated in an event before know, airsoftRead More

Posted On September 25, 2014By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

Angle of Engagement

The Angle of Engagement often abbreviated to ‘AoE’ is the angle in which the first tooth on the AEG’s sector gear contacts the piston. For stock guns this is something that can be corrected and greatly help your AEG last longer. You will see that the first tooth of the sector gear engages the first tooth of the piston in such a way that the teeth between the two do not mesh properly. The goal is to have the teeth of the sector gear contacting the piston’s teeth at aRead More

Posted On September 24, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Guns

My Favorite Primary Airsoft Gun

We all have our reasons for having our favorite primary weapon, be it that you like the Bullpup design, The Standard AR Design, or platform based. My favorite above all would have to be the MTC 2 by ECHO1. When I started playing the sport of airsoft I didn’t fully understand all the aspects of the sport or all the customization that could be done to the guns. After I had played for a while I decided it was time for me to pick up my first real primary weapon.Read More
In the sport of airsoft, tactical gear plays a major role in combat effectiveness on the field. However, it is also vital to ensure that your tactical gear provides the needed protection instead of just carrying what you need. Goggles and facemasks are definitely a no-brainer, but gear like ball caps, shemaghs and lower face masks, and gloves can be easily overlooked if not taken into account. 1 Light Headwear Ball caps (its tactical counterpart is known as an “Operator Cap”) are a great, lightweight way to protect the upperRead More

Posted On September 22, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Tactics

The Effective Use of Pistols in an Airsoft Game.

Everyone has a favorite side arm, be it a revolver or a semi-automatic, from spring to CO2. I happen to run a Green Gas 1911 because it is faster to put Green Gas in a magazine that CO2. Using Green Gas you do have less FPS than CO2 but it is much easier to fill a Green Gas magazine than it is to put a CO2 cartridge in a CO2 magazine. Pistols allow sniper rifle users to have something much shorter, with a higher rate of fire to use ifRead More

Posted On September 19, 2014By Dylan KiddIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

My Experiences at Operation Cold Ground

Airsoft events are like snowflakes, each one is different from the others. Any airsoft event can be an intense fight, it all depends on how into the game you get. One of my favorite events was an Operation Cold Ground at Hidden Springs Ranch, in Springfield, Ohio. One of the scenarios we played was at the air field area that was on the map. It was just a simple death match scenario, but the organizer, Blade, is one of the best I have ever seen. He was firing fireworks in the airRead More

Posted On September 17, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Tactics

4 Tactical Requirements of an Effective Sniper

There are many tactical advantages to having a sniper team in your squad. Contrary to popular belief the role of the sniper is not head shots and hitting people from ridiculous ranges. The main role of a sniper is to serve as a forward observer, scout, and intelligence. As well, it takes more than good aim to make a good sniper. While this skill is important, snipers also need to have excellent concealment skills, impeccable situational awareness, and perfect communication. 1 The Sniper Team A sniper team usually consists ofRead More

Posted On September 16, 2014By Jacob BaitzIn Airsoft Tactical Gear

A Tactical Gear Guide for Beginners

Tactical gear is an essential part to your effectiveness in the airsoft world. It provides an easy way to transport magazines, BBs, radios, and any other essential equipment on the field. Tactical gear comes in many different types, models, designs, and colors, but there are three main categories that provide the most out of load bearing and protection: vests, belts, and helmets. The two most popular styles of vests available today are dedicated vests and MOLLE vests / plate carriers. Dedicated vests (also known as Crossdraw vests) have integrated magazineRead More

Posted On September 15, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Tactics

Tactical Communications

When in the field one of the key components of the battle is communication. Without communication no one will know the full situation and chaos will ensue. In the Military it is standard for there to only be one or two radio operators per squad. In airsoft it really is up to the needs of the squad. It would be beneficial for there to be one radio between every two people, then if one radio operator in a fire team is down there is still another operator up to callRead More