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Posted On October 31, 2014By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

Effects Of Various Airsoft BB Weights

Light Weight Airsoft BBs such as .20 gram will yield a higher velocity, however lighter BBs carry less momentum and are more prone to environmental disturbances such as wind. Heavy Weight Airsoft BBs do not shoot as fast, however they pack more momentum and are less bothered by wind and air resistance. Keep in mind this is airsoft, a heavier BB will not make it so your BBs will fly straight no matter what, wind will be a factor no matter what. Typically, you will see higher shooting velocity gunsRead More
This is something I really want to write about as I am hoping to finish piecing it all together soon. I’ve messed around with a variety of different guns, as I feel that is what you should do to establish exactly how you play and what you would want to use to help you play to your fullest ability. Starting off; my perfect Primary weapon. After owning several different guns, never bouncing over $220, I have established exactly what kind of primary I’m looking for. I generally am a pointRead More

Posted On October 28, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Tech

Switching your ECHO1 ASR to Left-Handed

In airsoft, the majority of guns are meant for a right-handed operators to use, and lefties just have to be OK with it. The ECHO1 ASR is one that can be used ambidextrously. It takes about 10 minutes to change over for a left-handed user. In order to make you ECHO1 ASR Left handed, it may be easier to start by removing the stock. This can be done by pulling the lever on the stock down, as opposed to up, and sliding it off the back. You can then start by cockingRead More
Throughout my younger years I was an avid paintballer. I owned my own paintball gun – the too-well-known Tippman 98 Custom (Wal-Mart’s finest!), electrically feed hopper system, and I only used the best paintballs (In my opinion of course), ‘The Works’. Playing speedball in a field here in Ohio, I met all sorts of people from young kids who were just playing because their parents brought them for something to do, to adults, who lived and breathed the sport. Years later, a few of my friends stopped paintballing and pickedRead More

Posted On October 21, 2014By Larry BettsIn Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Tactical Gear

My Dream MilSim Loadout

Since beginning working in the airsoft industry in July earlier this year, I’ve learned a lot about the industry, airsoft guns, some of their inner workings, and the gear that goes along with it. I’m not saying that my following list is the pinnacle of all loadouts, but it’s one that I certain I would enjoy. I was very pleased with my beginner’s loadout, but there are some things that I learned, and some things that I really just want more than my original gear. KWA CQB M4 On myRead More

Posted On October 20, 2014By Larry BettsIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Blacksheep MilSim – Part 7

At the final briefing, before being released we found out this was the closest Blacksheep score of any event before. Bravo won (WOOT!!) 11,350 to 11,200. If we were playing football, a difference of 150 points would be an embarrassment to the losing team. But in Blacksheep MilSim, that is almost as close as you can get. After we were back on the road we were talking about the experience, and to say the least, I was tired, sore, and cranky. But even at my crabbiest, when I was askedRead More

Posted On October 19, 2014By Larry BettsIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Blacksheep MilSim – Part 6

After holding our position in the church for a little while longer, our squad was given orders to head out and take some more buildings. There were three buildings in a row which acted as residences, and we had to take them from left to right. The biggest issue with this is the layout creates a distinct advantage for whoever controls the center building. It’s basically set up so that there’s a channel created with a walkway to the center building and entrances to the residences on either side offRead More

Posted On October 18, 2014By Larry BettsIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Blacksheep MilSim – Part 5

The whole group took a truck out to the CACTF, and we were dropped at a building where we took fire immediately out of the truck. Two of us got hit, but our new medic was able to revive us. Once we entered the building as relievers, the old squad rotated out, and the five of us were there again. The three that had opted not to nap earlier were in bad shape now. One had been tasked with watching the back door and fell asleep. Another had been taskedRead More
If you have been reading my ongoing series article about my first airsoft event, you’ll learn that I had to get a loadout together very quickly and within a budget. I had to do a lot of asking throughout the office, because I looked online, and couldn’t find a loadout for beginners, or a comprehensive loadout of any kind. Most of the recommended loadouts I found were high-dollar items. When you have two weeks, and have to save as much as possible, going after the high-end stuff isn’t really anRead More

Posted On October 17, 2014By Larry BettsIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Blacksheep MilSim – Part 4

Once I jumped off of the truck, I noticed that I had at some point lost the butt plate and battery cover off of the stock. I went back to the truck we arrived in, and looked for electrical tape, which I know we had. Unfortunately, the doors were locked. It was OK though, because I decided to go to Plan B. I was going to use my Desert Eagle as my primary, and only, gun. I took a couple of practice shots with the Desert Eagle, and on shotRead More