Blacksheep MilSim – Part 7

October 20, 2014

At the final briefing, before being released we found out this was the closest Blacksheep score of any event before. Bravo won (WOOT!!) 11,350 to 11,200. If we were playing football, a difference of 150 points would be an embarrassment to the losing team. But in Blacksheep MilSim, that is almost as close as you can get.

After we were back on the road we were talking about the experience, and to say the least, I was tired, sore, and cranky. But even at my crabbiest, when I was asked what I thought of the experience, all I said was, “With this being my first airsoft event, all I know for sure is that MilSim isn’t for me.” But to be fair, I was in a truck with four other guys and combined we smelled like a box of dead feet.

Once I got a chance to recover over a couple of days I thought back, and with the exception of the sore ankles and two inoperable airsoft guns, I had nothing but awesome memories from the experience. There was a lot of camaraderie built between our squad, Bravo Company as a whole, and even with the Alphas that we got to talk with. The organization of the event as a whole was exceptional, and there was very little time spent just waiting once we arrived. Major Bucciarelli and all of his staff were awesome to work with. Everyone was very accommodating, even with me being new to the sport, though many thought I was crazy for making Blacksheep my first event.

I’m looking forward to our next event as a team, and even more so, our next Blacksheep MilSim event. I hope we don’t have to wait until next year for Camp Grayling before we see the Major and his team again. Search and Social Marketing Developer – Call Sign: Tensai

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