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Posted On October 29, 2015By Dylan KiddIn Airsoft Guns

How To Save Money When Buying Airsoft Guns & Gear

You work hard for your money, and you deserve to keep as much of it as you can in the old wallet. Airsoft players are constantly searching for great deals on all of their most wanted guns and gear! We want to help you locate the best deals and inform airsofters on what kind of sales to watch out for. One of the biggest things to do when starting your search is to quickly scan the homepage of the retailer. Most, if not all, of the company’s best deals willRead More

Posted On October 15, 2015By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tactics

How To Perform The Role Of Airsoft Support Gunner

On every airsoft team (or group) there are going to be players who play certain roles, whether it is the sniper/spotter combo, medic, assault, or heavy weapons. This is even more true when you play MilSim events, because you are assigned to play a certain role and you can only do certain things associated with that role. The role of support gunner, in my mind, is one of the most important roles because you are assisting your entire team in one way or another, and you can do things theRead More