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For a number of years, RIS was the standard rail type for airsoft, but recently more and more gun manufacturers are opting to put KeyMod rails on their guns, in lieu of a Rail Interface System (RIS). KeyMod is more of an updated rail system for guns, but there are pros and cons to using this system when compared to RIS. I will lay out some things in this article which will hopefully shed some light on both of these rail types, so you can make an educated decision. First,Read More
If you have every used, or are thinking about using, a LiPo battery, you may have some questions about what all those numbers mean on the battery. I will explain what those numbers mean, and how they will relate to the specific gun you are using. They are not arbitrary numbers, and not getting the “correct” battery for your gun can actually hurt more than it helps. You do not want to arbitrarily pick a battery and throw it in your gun, and in the case of airsoft, more isRead More
There are some common misconceptions that new players tend to do in airsoft. We would like to help out some of our new players out there! Below is a list of common actions performed by new players that you should be aware of: – Washing & Reusing BBs: This is more common than you would think. Some people feel that it is acceptable to reuse the BBs that they have just fired out of their gun. DON’T DO THIS! After firing a BB out of your gun it may causeRead More
Finding the right battery for your new airsoft rifle can be very difficult when you have no idea where it goes or what you are looking for. When it comes to batteries for AKs and M4s, there can be a big difference in what battery styles they can use. This is a guide to help you find the correct battery for your rifle. You will first have to consult the manual to find where your battery is stored to figure out the correct battery for your gun. If the itemRead More
When it comes to choosing the right scope for your gun, it can be very difficult! However, we have found that most people chose their scopes based on the model of gun they are using. Below are some scopes that we recommend looking at when trying to find a scope. M4/DMR Build Rifle: When looking for a scope for this gun or build, the search is very wide and can be tiring at times. We have found that most people use a 1.5x – 4x zoom scope with M4 Rifles.Read More
When you go to a game, you need to look at the factors that will affect your sight. Is it going to be nighttime? Are there buildings without lights? Are there tunnels? All of these factors will take away your ability to see; therefore you’re going to need some way to improve your sight in dark areas. Some may say night vision is a necessity. However, if you do not have the money to pay for night vision you can go with the easy option of a flashlight. Flashlights canRead More
When it comes to attachments one of the most popular accessories to put on your airsoft guns is a fore grip. Fore grips come in many different shapes and sizes. They also have a multitude of uses other than just providing you with a steadier platform for firing. First we will start with the standard vertical fore grip. This fore grip and airsoft guns is generally reserved for assault rifles and SMGs. It allows for you to raise your gun and maneuver it faster than just holding the rail systemRead More