Are airsoft guns safe?

Update On Airsoft Safety

September 27, 2016

Safety in airsoft is a topic that will be hammered in to our brains until the end of time, so it is easy to brush it off as mundane.  There are two main areas in airsoft that relate to airsoft safety: during game play, and anything before/after gameplay.  Airsoft safety is not a simple subject, as there are many variables, but we are going to make this article as succinct as possible.

Every player will have a different idea on how to be safe during airsoft game play, but there are a few key points I would like to cover; the first being, obviously, face protection.  Notice I said face protection and not just eye protection.  You have to remember, you have a nose, head, ears, mount (including your precious teeth).  While some players may argue that eye protection is enough, and some fields may not require face protection, I think it wise to consider some form of face protection.

Would you drive a race car with a helmet only, without a fire suit or HANS devise… probably not.  Why should airsoft be any different?  I have seen countless instances of airsoft BBs hitting people in the face and knocking out teeth, and it is not a pretty sight.  If you are not going to wear a lower mesh mask, at least consider a mouth guard.  Personally I wear a mouth guard when I play, and while I cannot state which brand it is, it allows me to drink and talk freely with no hindrance.

Airsoft safety does not stop there.  It is important to not only follow your federal/state/local rules on airsoft guns, but it is important to follow common sense rules.  If you are in the staging area, make sure you magazine is out and your gun is on safety.  In the staging area, people are not wearing goggles, and you do not want to accidently shoot your buddy’s eye out.  Our local field has gone so far as to require barrel bags (like in paintball), and I think this is a genius idea.

But wait… there’s more.  After the game is over it is important to transport/store your airsoft gun out of sight.  The simplest way to do this is to get a gun bag, and store the gun in your trunk.  Let’s face it, these guns do look real, and if you pull them out of your car, the average citizen will not know the difference and you may cause a panic.

Airsoft is all about having fun.  We can make the sport fun by being safe, and not getting hurt.  If you get your tooth shot out, you are going to have a bad time, simple as that.  Always employ common sense before doing something; it will go a long way.  Happy airsofting!!

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