Differences Between Airsoft CO2 and Green Gas Pistols

March 5, 2015

When building your load out you will be faced with the problem of choosing a pistol. There are many pistol variants available to choose from (I.E. Spring, Electric, CO2, and Green Gas.) This article will focus on helping you select between these two different gas powered pistols (CO2 and Green Gas).

Green gas pistols are ran by a propellant mixture of propane and silicone oil. Most players tend to buy the mixture pre-made (Green Gas Link), but there are options to get an adapter (Propane Adapter Link Here) and silicone oil (Silicone oil Link) to allow you to use a propane tank to refill the weapon. Green gas tends to be the favorite among many players because the bottles of green gas only cost around 14.95 and can last upwards to 1500 – 2000 Shots. The Green Gas is held inside of the magazine or the grip of the gun. The magazine capacity will differ based on the model or maker of the pistol.

CO2 Pistols operate off of the chemical compound Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The cartridges for these can be bought at any Airsoft/Paintball store and also can be found at other sporting goods stores. The cartridges average in price from $0.75 – $1.50 each depending on the location of purchase. They can last for 50 – 60 shots each. Much like the green gas models the CO2 cartridges will be held in the magazine or the grip and the magazine capacity is depends on the model or manufacture of the gun.

So which one is better? If you are looking for performance, CO2 would be your best bet. CO2 is a higher-pressure gas and performs better in colder weather. The downside of CO2 guns is that CO2 is much “harder” on the system of the gun than green gas. There is more wear on CO2 guns because the kick of the gun tends to be harder than green gas. This can sometimes cause the slide to wear/break. If you are looking for an economic way to use a gas pistol, green gas is your man. The pricing of shot per CO2 cartridge adds up much quicker than the shot per green gas usage. Look at what is important to you. And if you can’t make up your mind and want to save money, you could always look at getting a springer. Everybody loves springers, except…. the operator.

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