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Posted On November 29, 2014By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

LiPo Ready – Setting The Record Straight

Many Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) users become interested in using a Lipo or Lipoly or Lithium Polymer battery. Some often ask, can I run a LiPo? Is my AEG LiPo ready? Will I be able to use a LiPo? The short answer is, no (at least most of the time, no). The reason most AEGs are not LiPo ready is because they do not come equipped with the necessary parts or upgrades necessary for you to continuously use a LiPo. But it says on the advertisement, that my AEG is LiPo ready!Read More

Posted On November 28, 2014By Larry BettsIn Airsoft Tactical Gear

The Tactical Uses of a Shemagh

The number of uses for a shemagh is practically endless, the most common, of which are also the most useful. Whether you’re using it for airsoft or as part of a survival kit, a shemagh should always be part of your gear. Using Your Shemagh in Airsoft At an airsoft event, the shemagh is most commonly used for face protection. There are many different ways to tie it, but almost always it deals with protecting the face. If you use a full face shield, you can also place it aroundRead More

Posted On November 27, 2014By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

Guide To AEG Gears

Gears are a set of internal components that are inside your AEG gearbox. Gears transfer energy from the motor to the piston that in turn pulls the spring back and releases it, thus giving your AEG power. There are four main gears found inside an AEG gearbox. The pinion gear, the spur gear, the bevel gear, and the sector gear. Pinion Gear: This is the gear connected to the motor axel. It is the first gear coming from the motor, the AEG’s electrical power source. This gear spins the bevelRead More
When I first started playing airsoft, MilSim players were who I looked to for inspiration. They looked like real operators; they had great gear and guns. When I experienced my first MilSim event, I realized you don’t need an expensive loadout. Sure, they look cool, but they’re not necessary. When you go to a 24-hour MilSim event, you really just need a kit that’s light, comfortable, and meets the requirements. My first 24-hour MilSim event was at Camp Grayling, Michigan. I wouldn’t say I was prepared for it; it wasRead More

Posted On November 23, 2014By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

Upgraded Low Cost vs. High Priced Stock Airsoft Guns

This will be written to help shed some light on the pros and cons (more or less) on buying a cheaper gun and upgrading it vs. buying an airsoft gun from a name brand manufacturer. Airsoft is making boundless advancements so frequently that; chances are your performance standards are within reach. If you want to purchase a high priced decent performing gun and be done with it, be my guest, however chances are if you are a tech, a cheap base gun is all you need. The beauty of buyingRead More
For a standard eight hour operation you would normally think you would dress comfortably, just need a few high cap magazines and maybe not even wear your rig. However, for an eight-hour MilSim event you will need a rig of some sort, preferably a plate carrier, along with your BDU’s, and a helmet if required. First thing you will need is a rig set up. You will also need a radio to keep in contact with your team. Your rig will need pouches for your magazines, as well as aRead More

Posted On November 21, 2014By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

Improving AEG Stock Compression

I will go over some easy things you can do to improve your current compression components in your AEG. Maximizing your compression is important, why make your AEG do more work than it needs to with limited results? Let’s begin with the Piston head O-Ring. Remove the piston head O ring, remove any grease and then clean it with alcohol or some kind of solvent. Now that the O ring is clean, stretch it onto your (a) AEG cylinder. Once you have it on, take something hot for example aRead More

Posted On November 20, 2014By Austin ClineIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Open Play Event Loadout Checklist

In this series we will be covering the checklist of what you need for different scenario events. Events can range in player size, length, and difficulty.  Today we will going over the most basic of events, the Open Play. The Open Play, often referred to just as an open, is generally the smallest, and least organized event that we will be covering. Most open plays are not strict on uniform code, or even require one. The teams are generally divided into Tan vs. Green and at opens this translates toRead More

Posted On November 19, 2014By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

Increasing Rate of Fire (RoF)

How do I increase my rate of fire? This is a fairly easy question to answer, so we will go over some basic ways to increase your AEG’s rate of fire. Rate of fire hinges upon several aspects: Motor, gear ratio, battery, gearbox efficiency, and your gearbox load. So depending on what kind of rate of fire you are looking for your set up will vary. If you would just like 25 BPS, for example you may only need a high speed/ high torque motor and a LiPo. Airsoft has evolvedRead More

Posted On November 17, 2014By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

Barrel to Hop Up Shimming On Your Airsoft AEG

This guide will go over the reason for adding space in between your hop up and the front of your gearbox shell as well as how to do it. Why is it necessary to do this? The reason for doing this is when the air nozzle does not retract back far enough back to allow a BB to load into the hop chamber. It should be said that this is typically only pertinent when you add aftermarket parts to your gun. Although manufacturers offer aftermarket parts for a certain gunRead More