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Posted On December 5, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Guns, Fun in the Airsoft Field

Getting Started: What You Need

When you are ready to start playing airsoft, there are a few things you will need. The first thing you will need is a gun. Whether it is an AEG or a spring gun, there are some items you will need to help prepare you for your first airsoft experience. Most beginners have a specific budget they have in mind when purchasing airsoft equipment for the first time. For most, the budget is in the 100 to 200 dollar range, which is a great budget to get a good gun,Read More
Many airsofters live in colder climates. During the winter months it’s easier to hunker down indoors and wait for spring to arrive before pulling your airsoft gun back out for a round of open play. However, many of us don’t really want to wait that long. Winter isn’t even officially here yet, and I’m already getting the fever to head out to play. If you’re going to be attending any kind of airsoft event in the winter months, there is a lot of preparation you’ll need to make. There areRead More
Weekend events are what airsoft is all about. Two big names in this category are Operation Lion Claws and Blacksheep MilSim. Check them out when you get a chance. While I have not had the pleasure of attending one of these events in person, it has been my long standing dream to make it to Operation Irene. When you attend one of these events, you’re going to need a good airsoft gun. I’m not saying jump up and buy a VFC to make it to one of these events, butRead More