Loadout Checklist for 3 Day/Weekend MilSim Events

December 2, 2014

Weekend events are what airsoft is all about. Two big names in this category are Operation Lion Claws and Blacksheep MilSim. Check them out when you get a chance. While I have not had the pleasure of attending one of these events in person, it has been my long standing dream to make it to Operation Irene.

When you attend one of these events, you’re going to need a good airsoft gun. I’m not saying jump up and buy a VFC to make it to one of these events, but you need something you have been using for a while, and you know you can rely on. A must-have is two or more extra batteries if you are running an AEG, because there is a good chance you’re not going to have time to charge it. No matter what kind of power you need to operate your gun, take a lot of it. Unfortunately you can’t go around butt-stroking people, so take plenty of BBs as well.

You might want to run a lighter rig on these as they will be long and enduring, however if you think you can hack it you can definitely run a heavy load out. Remember cut some slack for members of your team who run heavy because it will wear on them. You will want to bring some food and keep it in your vehicle for easy access if you don’t have room in your load out.

I would recommend having a helmet on hand, as some events require you to wear a helmet depending which side you are on. Any of these events may have specific gear or BDU requirements, so make sure you check the event-specific rules and have everything you need before you go.

A sling will be a must as there are going to be objectives and what not that require you to interact with them, and the duration of the event will tire you out if you do not have one. You are also going to need a flashlight for the night time operations. Of course this will also require a chem light or a strobe beacon to signal that you have been hit, at night. You may also want an optic for your rifle, and a multitude of other attachments. Just don’t go to crazy and put a fore grip on your scope.

Show up with the right gear and have a blast! That’s what these are about. You can get fully immersed if you choose, but all around just have a good time.

Play Hard, Play Fair, Play Fun -$pades


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