So You Want to Be an Airsoft Winter Warrior

December 4, 2014

Many airsofters live in colder climates. During the winter months it’s easier to hunker down indoors and wait for spring to arrive before pulling your airsoft gun back out for a round of open play. However, many of us don’t really want to wait that long. Winter isn’t even officially here yet, and I’m already getting the fever to head out to play. If you’re going to be attending any kind of airsoft event in the winter months, there is a lot of preparation you’ll need to make. There are also precautions you need to take for both yourself and your airsoft gun.

The first thing to take into account, which is a little less severe, choosing the correct gun for the day. Once the temperature goes below 40°F (4°C), gas guns do not work very well. The cool air will reduce the efficiency of the gas. You will likely need multiple charges of gas to empty a single magazine.

When it comes to AEGs below 40°F (4°C) you have to take precautions to ensure your battery doesn’t freeze. As the battery gets cold, it will lose power and no longer be able to cycle the gears. This could cause the gearbox to lock up and that would not be good. It is strongly recommended you only shoot on semi auto during events that take place in cold climates. You can alleviate some of these issues by keeping hand warmers wrapped around the portion of the gun where the battery compartment is located.

If you are planning to use a spring gun below 35°F (2°C), just be cautious. If you’re waiting for long durations between shots, it is possible for the spring to freeze and become brittle. If you’re constantly firing your spring airsoft gun, your concern will come closer to 20°F (-7°C). The more brittle your spring becomes, the more likely it will break while under tension.

If you are looking to play in colder climates, the best options would be high pressure air (HPA) or CO2. Though slightly less effective once temperatures drop below freezing, CO2 works far more efficiently in cold weather than gas.

As far as clothing goes, the key is to layer properly for the temperature that you’re playing in. You also need to take into account that as you move, you may start to sweat. You’ll need to remove layers as your body warms up, but before you start sweating. Sweating can be very dangerous in temperatures below freezing. One of your bottom layers should be a t-shirt, so as to keep your core warmer. Additionally, don’t use clothing that will absorb water, such as cotton, for your bottom layer. You could easily get wool clothing at many stores. You also need to protect your face as well; whether it be with a scarf, a balaclava, or a shemagh.

Most importantly, you need to remember to hydrate. Always have water with you, whether it is in a hydration carrier or just a bottle of water. If you bring a hydration carrier remember to blow the water back down the tube because if it is cold enough, any water remaining in the tube will freeze. It is just as easy to get dehydrated during the winter as the summer, so you should always be sure to have water with you when playing.


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