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Whenever we talk about airsoft, the subject of upgrades will always come up in the conversation. The question I hear many times is “I want to run a lipo, do I need a mosfet, and can I just use a basic plug-in mosfet?” There is a very simple different between the wired in mosfet and the plug in mosfet, so let’s set the record straight. Let’s start first with the plug in mosfet. This particular style of mosfet is not a mosfet at all; rather it is a burst controller.Read More
We have seen many questions throughout the years about what certain parts you will need to upgrade a specific gun and if we work on these items or not. Today, we pulled one of our head techs, Joe, aside and asked him a few questions that our customers have asked recently to see if he could answer these frequently asked questions. Q: How long have you been fixing airsoft guns? A: I have been working on guns for 6 years. I started small, basically working on gas pistols. The firstRead More

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Deans Connectors Vs Tamiya Connectors

Are Deans connectors better than Tamiya connectors? The answer is yes; but then the million dollar question is why? The question does not necessarily involve the connector types themselves, but rather the concept of electrical flow and resistance. Your gun is just a small electrical circuit and your battery is the power source. When you pull the trigger, the contacts are closing the circuit and drawing energy from the battery to spin the motor. In this article I will go deeper into this concept, and the concept of resistance. InRead More
When it comes to airsoft, players are always seeking way to improve their guns. Most of the time when we talk about upgrades, we talk about internal gearbox upgrades to make your gun shoot faster or harder. But what good is a fast shooting gun if you cannot hit your target? The concept of hop-up is a fantastic idea, but it still has flaws. Which brings us to the concept of r-hop. First, what exactly is hop-up and how does it work? Well, it is actually quite simple. As theRead More
If you watch YouTube videos, I am sure you have seen videos on dual sector gear (DSG) guns, and their quite unrealistic rate of fire. If you are not familiar with the workings of a gearbox, you may be wondering: how on earth can a gun shoot that fast? The concept is actually quite simple, in terms of how it works. In this article I will explain the differences between a single sector gear (SSG) and a DSG, with pictures to help you understand the difference in looks. Let’s startRead More

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How To Radius Your Airsoft AEG Guns Gearbox

If you search for tech airsoft videos on YouTube, or if you read forums, I’m sure you have seen people talk about gearbox “radiusing. ” What exactly is it, and why do we do it? Yes, it is a modification you will do yourself, but it is actually one of the easier and quicker modifications you can do with just a small rounded file. The front of your gearbox takes a lot of force from the piston slamming in to the front of the gearbox, and if you are runningRead More
If you have ever chronoed your gun, you noticed that you get a “Feet per Second” (FPS) reading but also a “Joule” (J) reading, and have probably wondered what those numbers mean and how they compare to each other. These are two different measurements of what the BB is actually doing once it leaves your barrel. The main factor that changes J ratings is the BB weight, but there are other factors that I am not necessarily going to address in this article like barrel length, barrel bore, and yourRead More
I always see questions on forums like this: “Which barrel length will give me the best accuracy for my gun?”, or “I want to put a longer barrel in my gun. Which length should I get?s The question of barrel length and accuracy are not necessarily related. These questions require a bit of explanation, and there are many factors when talking about barrel length, accuracy, efficiency, etc. It all comes down to volume matching the cylinder volume to the barrel volume. Here is the formula. I will get into thisRead More

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LiPo Ready – Setting The Record Straight

Many Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) users become interested in using a Lipo or Lipoly or Lithium Polymer battery. Some often ask, can I run a LiPo? Is my AEG LiPo ready? Will I be able to use a LiPo? The short answer is, no (at least most of the time, no). The reason most AEGs are not LiPo ready is because they do not come equipped with the necessary parts or upgrades necessary for you to continuously use a LiPo. But it says on the advertisement, that my AEG is LiPo ready!Read More

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Guide To AEG Gears

Gears are a set of internal components that are inside your AEG gearbox. Gears transfer energy from the motor to the piston that in turn pulls the spring back and releases it, thus giving your AEG power. There are four main gears found inside an AEG gearbox. The pinion gear, the spur gear, the bevel gear, and the sector gear. Pinion Gear: This is the gear connected to the motor axel. It is the first gear coming from the motor, the AEG’s electrical power source. This gear spins the bevelRead More