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Airsoft Sniper Rifle ZM51 Assembly

Step 1: Locate the two Phillips-head screws pictured below. Step 2: Gently remove the two grip pieces from the side of the stock, as shown below. Step 3: Line up the stock with the body of the gun and slide the stock onto the body piece as shown below. Step 4: Insert the screws in the correct holes, with the long screw on top and the short screw on bottom. Do not fully tighten the two screws until you have them both started. Step 5: Snap the grip pieces back onRead More

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Airsoft Gun Accuracy

How do you improve an airsoft guns accuracy? That is a difficult question to answer. The issue amongst airsoft guns is the fact that they are inherently inaccurate compared to real guns. The best parts, the most expensive everything will not let you hit a bull’s eye at 100 yards, 90 yards, not even 50 yards. Airsoft guns usually run out of smooth bore barrels there have been people or companies to venture out and try something different than the smooth bore design, however none of them created any incredibleRead More

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Guide to Extending the Life of your AEG

Airsoft guns can be expensive and are used in rugged environments the following tips will help keep your AEG in top shape. Use Quality BBs – Most guns come with a pack of free BBs, toss them out, they are normally not of good quality and can cause major headaches. If you have a Metal gearbox or gas gun use .20g or heavier. Also, make sure your BBs are seamless and polished. TSD, PForce, Bioval and Elite Force are all excellent BB’s for a fair price. Using Low-Grade BBs canRead More

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Gearboxes – Metal or Non-Metal?

When you’re looking at buying a gun there a several different factors to consider. We will be addressing one of the most important ones here, whether or not to purchase a gun with a metal or non-metal gearbox. It is said that non-metal gearbox gun cannot perform as well as a metal gearbox gun. This is not true. What is true is that a non-metal gearbox gun may not last as long as a metal gearbox gun. I would recommend getting a non-metal gearbox gun as your first gun as itRead More

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Shimming Your Gearbox

Shims are little metal washers that come in different sizes. They are meant to apply the necessary space in between the gears. The goal is to space the gears as close together as possible without their faces actually touching; only teeth on teeth contact should be made. In addition to that there should be very little vertical play in between the gears. You do not want to shim them too tight or they will not spin efficiently and it will end up putting more stress on the motor creating unnecessaryRead More

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Effects Of Various Airsoft BB Weights

Light Weight Airsoft BBs such as .20 gram will yield a higher velocity, however lighter BBs carry less momentum and are more prone to environmental disturbances such as wind. Heavy Weight Airsoft BBs do not shoot as fast, however they pack more momentum and are less bothered by wind and air resistance. Keep in mind this is airsoft, a heavier BB will not make it so your BBs will fly straight no matter what, wind will be a factor no matter what. Typically, you will see higher shooting velocity gunsRead More

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Switching your ECHO1 ASR to Left-Handed

In airsoft, the majority of guns are meant for a right-handed operators to use, and lefties just have to be OK with it. The ECHO1 ASR is one that can be used ambidextrously. It takes about 10 minutes to change over for a left-handed user. In order to make you ECHO1 ASR Left handed, it may be easier to start by removing the stock. This can be done by pulling the lever on the stock down, as opposed to up, and sliding it off the back. You can then start by cockingRead More
When it comes to batteries in your gun there are two main types of batteries. There are Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium Polymer (LiPo). The NiMH is the standard type of battery that almost any Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) can run off of, whereas the LiPo usually requires a MOSFET to be installed to use. First off we will touch on what each of the components of the batteries mean. The rate of fire of the gun is dependent of the voltage of the battery. The higher the voltage,Read More

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17 Issues With Your Airsoft AEG

If you have been the owner of an AEG airsoft gun for any length of time, chances are you’ve had one or more issue with getting it to fire correctly. Here, we will be going over some of the more common issues, and possible solutions. 1. Gun Does Nothing on a Fully Charged Battery – No MOSFET Installed Possible Issue 1: Your fuse has blown Solution: Replace the fuse with a rating of 20 to 40 amps, depending on the gun. If you don’t have a fuse available, you canRead More

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Angle of Engagement

The Angle of Engagement often abbreviated to ‘AoE’ is the angle in which the first tooth on the AEG’s sector gear contacts the piston. For stock guns this is something that can be corrected and greatly help your AEG last longer. You will see that the first tooth of the sector gear engages the first tooth of the piston in such a way that the teeth between the two do not mesh properly. The goal is to have the teeth of the sector gear contacting the piston’s teeth at aRead More