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When playing airsoft finding the right mask or goggles for your play style can be difficult. Finding the right goggles or mask when you have prescription glasses is even harder. I have been playing for a long time now and have had to search and search for the right pair but I have found some along the way that are great for the player with glasses, when you don’t want to order RX lens for your googgles. I have provided a list below with some goggles and a mask thatRead More

Posted On February 26, 2015By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

How To Radius Your Airsoft AEG Guns Gearbox

If you search for tech airsoft videos on YouTube, or if you read forums, I’m sure you have seen people talk about gearbox “radiusing. ” What exactly is it, and why do we do it? Yes, it is a modification you will do yourself, but it is actually one of the easier and quicker modifications you can do with just a small rounded file. The front of your gearbox takes a lot of force from the piston slamming in to the front of the gearbox, and if you are runningRead More
There are many different weapon variants that are commonly found in airsoft. Many airsoft players who dive into the world of tactical gear often find it difficult to find the correct magazine pouch that will properly fit their airsoft gun’s magazines. In this article, we will be breaking down the compatibility between different airsoft gun pouches & magazines. Two of the most popular airsoft guns are variants based off of the M4/AR platform and the AK/Kalashnikov platform. When it comes to finding magazine pouches for these airsoft guns, there isRead More
Airsoft is a great competitive sport that helps build both physical and mental capabilities while also teaching about tactics and team work. However, from time to time you will find people that don’t like to follow the rules. Cheaters: The people that at times do not call their hits or even abuse the kill rag to move to a better position. (Sounds weird, but most of us have seen people do this before.) In most cases when people see others cheating they tend to yell and get in each other’sRead More

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Using Ghille Suits In Airsoft Events

The long and heated debate between snipers is whether a sniper really should us a ghillie suit in airsoft games or not. A ghillie suit is a camouflaged article made to resemble the foliage and is commonly used in grassy plains to heavily wooded areas. When going to a new airsoft field, it is suggested to bring your suit but not to use it until you get a feel for the field. If you are using a woodland foliage suit and the field you’re playing on has very little toRead More
If you have ever chronoed your gun, you noticed that you get a “Feet per Second” (FPS) reading but also a “Joule” (J) reading, and have probably wondered what those numbers mean and how they compare to each other. These are two different measurements of what the BB is actually doing once it leaves your barrel. The main factor that changes J ratings is the BB weight, but there are other factors that I am not necessarily going to address in this article like barrel length, barrel bore, and yourRead More
I always see questions on forums like this: “Which barrel length will give me the best accuracy for my gun?”, or “I want to put a longer barrel in my gun. Which length should I get?s The question of barrel length and accuracy are not necessarily related. These questions require a bit of explanation, and there are many factors when talking about barrel length, accuracy, efficiency, etc. It all comes down to volume matching the cylinder volume to the barrel volume. Here is the formula. I will get into thisRead More