Finding Airsoft Goggles and Masks for Prescription Glasses

February 27, 2015

When playing airsoft finding the right mask or goggles for your play style can be difficult. Finding the right goggles or mask when you have prescription glasses is even harder. I have been playing for a long time now and have had to search and search for the right pair but I have found some along the way that are great for the player with glasses, when you don’t want to order RX lens for your googgles. I have provided a list below with some goggles and a mask that I have found to work quite well, even with thick frame glasses.

First, the ESS Profile NVG Ballistic Airsoft Goggles work for players with glasses. These goggles are my third choice for any goggles that you need to fit over glasses. The main reason that I like these is that they prevent the lens or your glasses to fog up. The con that I found with these goggles is that you need to adjust the strap perfectly or they make your glasses float above the bridge of your nose. I also found they squeeze the side of my glasses’ frame making them kind of rough to wear after a long period of time. However, once you receive your ESS goggles you can order RX lenses from ESS with the form included in the retail packaging.

My second choice is a mask made by Dye precision. It is the Dye Tactical i4 Full Face Mask Goggle System. These were a very close to making it first on my list but the main reason they did not is because they still cause some discomfort from pushing the glasses up against the bridge of your nose. Besides that, this mask is amazing. It has a comfortable fit around the face. I didn’t have trouble with squeezing on the ears, and they almost never fog up if they are set up right.

The best goggles I found that fit great with glasses is the Guard dog brand. The ones that I have tried are the Guard Dogs Commander FogStopper Goggles. These bad boys have slits where the frames come into the goggles making it very comfortable on the side of your head. I have never had these goggles fog up on me. I make sure to adjust the band just right so it doesn’t push my earpieces from my glasses into the side of my head, but that’s with every band I have tried. So, I give these goggles a 10 out of 10 when looking for goggles to fit over you glasses. Alternatively, Guard dogs can also special order RX lenses for you as well.

If there is a mask or pair of goggles that you wear with your glasses and I did not list here, please email us and let us know! We would love to check them out and add to our recommended list for players with prescription glasses. Omni-Channel Marketing Manager – Call Sign: Devilguardian

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