Using Ghille Suits In Airsoft Events

February 18, 2015

The long and heated debate between snipers is whether a sniper really should us a ghillie suit in airsoft games or not. A ghillie suit is a camouflaged article made to resemble the foliage and is commonly used in grassy plains to heavily wooded areas.

When going to a new airsoft field, it is suggested to bring your suit but not to use it until you get a feel for the field. If you are using a woodland foliage suit and the field you’re playing on has very little to no woodland colored terrain/foliage, then you would be easily spotted and not want to wear your suit. A ghillie suit is a somewhat heavy suit and wouldn’t be comfortable to wear constantly on the run. As stated in one of our last articles, “Everybody sees the running bush, ” more than often this is too true.

Another thing to consider when bringing your suit with you to a game is whether this is an indoor or outdoor game. Most players tend to stay away from sniper rifles altogether when playing indoors and change to using a CQB rifle build instead. However, most new players don’t have this luxury and have to play with what they have. In these cases, the ghillie suit should be stored in your closet for later use. A ghillie suit would not be beneficial in an indoor game.

Once you have determined that you can properly use your ghillie suit, it’s time to suit up! But wait there is more to using a ghillie suit than just the suit! I suggest a few more things to wear when using a ghillie suit. Players using a ghillie suit can also use a gun cover, gloves, and face paint. Most of the time a gun cover is provided with the ghillie suit. If it isn’t, I suggest getting one to keep your gun covered. Gloves are also important. The more skin covered, the better. Make sure your gloves are the same color as the ghillie or close to it. I think face paint it is very important to use. You definitely need face paint if you don’t have a face shawl with your ghillie suit. If your face is the one thing that is not covered in any form of camouflage, I will be the first thing noticed by other players. Once you have been “done up,” you are ready for the field! Just remember, everybody sees the running bush. Stay silent, stay hidden, and stay frosty.

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