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Posted On October 15, 2015By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tactics

How To Perform The Role Of Airsoft Support Gunner

On every airsoft team (or group) there are going to be players who play certain roles, whether it is the sniper/spotter combo, medic, assault, or heavy weapons. This is even more true when you play MilSim events, because you are assigned to play a certain role and you can only do certain things associated with that role. The role of support gunner, in my mind, is one of the most important roles because you are assisting your entire team in one way or another, and you can do things theRead More

Posted On May 12, 2015By Joel StudlienIn Airsoft Tactics

Tips & Tricks for the DMR Playstyle

More and more we are seeing players with a DMR gun set up on the field and we feel that some new players may benefit from a few tips and tricks when it comes to the DMR play style. The first thing to note is that you are a part of a team, just like the riflemen, you are not a sniper. This position does not require you to constantly sit, hide, and wait for the perfect shot. However, at certain occasions you will need to do this to coverRead More

Posted On April 24, 2015By Dylan KiddIn Airsoft Tactics

Common Misconceptions In Airsoft Part II

“Knowing is half the battle!” This always rings true in airsoft or in any real life situation. We have more information on common misconceptions in airsoft, which we would like to share with you. Avoiding these misconceptions will further your knowledge in the world of airsoft, and make you a better airsoft player. – Stronger Battery ≠ Higher FPS: Most people like to buy a bigger battery (higher voltage, or higher mAh), thinking that it will increase the FPS of the gun. Unfortunately this isn’t true. A higher voltage/mAh batteryRead More

Posted On February 18, 2015By Dylan KiddIn Airsoft Tactics

Using Ghille Suits In Airsoft Events

The long and heated debate between snipers is whether a sniper really should us a ghillie suit in airsoft games or not. A ghillie suit is a camouflaged article made to resemble the foliage and is commonly used in grassy plains to heavily wooded areas. When going to a new airsoft field, it is suggested to bring your suit but not to use it until you get a feel for the field. If you are using a woodland foliage suit and the field you’re playing on has very little toRead More

Posted On October 15, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Tactics

Introduction to Basic Tactical Movement

For the first article on tactical movement we will start with the individual. In order for the team to operate successfully everyone must be able to perform simple maneuvers as individuals, which can be applied to a team setting. The first movement we will touch on is the basic patrol. While patrolling your rifle should be angled across your chest, muzzle down toward your weak side. You simply walk at whatever the pace of the patrol is. This normally tends to be a slower pace. Next we have the CombatRead More

Posted On September 29, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Tactics

3 Types of Grenades and Their Applications

In the sport of Airsoft, you want to take any leg up you can get. When I first started playing I remember getting pinned down and not being able to do anything about except telling my teammates where I was taking fire from, and hoping they could hit the player. I had never even considered grenades as a feasible thing in the sport. I began looking for more items to complete my load out when I first stumbled across the Thunder B. 1  The Thunder B The Thunder B isRead More

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The Effective Use of Pistols in an Airsoft Game.

Everyone has a favorite side arm, be it a revolver or a semi-automatic, from spring to CO2. I happen to run a Green Gas 1911 because it is faster to put Green Gas in a magazine that CO2. Using Green Gas you do have less FPS than CO2 but it is much easier to fill a Green Gas magazine than it is to put a CO2 cartridge in a CO2 magazine. Pistols allow sniper rifle users to have something much shorter, with a higher rate of fire to use ifRead More

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4 Tactical Requirements of an Effective Sniper

There are many tactical advantages to having a sniper team in your squad. Contrary to popular belief the role of the sniper is not head shots and hitting people from ridiculous ranges. The main role of a sniper is to serve as a forward observer, scout, and intelligence. As well, it takes more than good aim to make a good sniper. While this skill is important, snipers also need to have excellent concealment skills, impeccable situational awareness, and perfect communication. 1 The Sniper Team A sniper team usually consists ofRead More

Posted On September 15, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Tactics

Tactical Communications

When in the field one of the key components of the battle is communication. Without communication no one will know the full situation and chaos will ensue. In the Military it is standard for there to only be one or two radio operators per squad. In airsoft it really is up to the needs of the squad. It would be beneficial for there to be one radio between every two people, then if one radio operator in a fire team is down there is still another operator up to callRead More

Posted On September 11, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Tactics

Introduction to Airsoft Tactics: The Very Basics

Tactics are one of the most important things in an airsoft game. Whether you’re running HPA, automatic electric guns, gas or CO2, or spring powered airsoft guns, what wins at the end of the day is tactical sense and the ability of your team to work together. The base of any tactics is the trust in your fellow team members. You have to be able to trust that they are physically and mentally ready to handle any possible situation. The trust starts with a one-on-one interaction. Buddy pairs should beRead More