Common Misconceptions In Airsoft Part II

April 24, 2015

“Knowing is half the battle!” This always rings true in airsoft or in any real life situation. We have more information on common misconceptions in airsoft, which we would like to share with you. Avoiding these misconceptions will further your knowledge in the world of airsoft, and make you a better airsoft player.

– Stronger Battery ≠ Higher FPS: Most people like to buy a bigger battery (higher voltage, or higher mAh), thinking that it will increase the FPS of the gun. Unfortunately this isn’t true. A higher voltage/mAh battery will actually increase your RoF (Rate of Fire). Even when changing batteries, it will not increase RoF a lot unless you are changing to an 11.1v LiPo (Lithium Power) battery. For example, if you move from an 8.4v to a 9.6v, you may see a 2 rounds per second increase.

– Increasing Hop Up ≠ Increased Accuracy: This is a very common misconception with new players in airsoft. Adjusting the hop-up unit doesn’t truly increase or decrease accuracy. Adjusting the hop-up increases your range, to a certain point. When you increase the hop-up on your gun, it creates more backspin on the BB, allowing the air above the bb to travel further by creating lift. This gives the BB an upward trajectory. Whereas reducing the amount of hop-up, makes the BB back spin slower causing the BB to fall to the ground after a shorter distance. There is an article in the tech section of the blog titled: “Understanding R-Hop In Airsoft Guns and How They Improve Your Accuracy”, if you are curious about R-Hop.

– Longer barrel ≠ Better Accuracy: We are seeing more and more of this posted on forums and question boards. Barrel length does not equate to increased accuracy. If you want better accuracy, you will need to upgrade the style of hop up you are using. Most people choose to go with the aforementioned R-Hop or even a flat hop system. One of our technicians wrote an article titled: “What to consider when Upgrading Your Airsoft AEG Inner Barrel,” which explains what changing inner barrel actually does.

– Squad/Team Sniper Role: New airsoft players love playing as a sniper mainly because they want to be that guy that hangs out and takes you out at a distance. Though this can be done in video games or with real steal sniper rifles, but this isn’t always the case in airsoft. The average range of a spring bolt action rifle is roughly 200 feet, where the average AEG range is about the same, or just a bit less. When you compare a spring sniper rifle and an AEG, this proves to be an issue on the field. When at range, a bolt action sniper takes their shot, perhaps revealing his hiding place. If an AEG user finds this sniper’s location, they will be able to lay much more ammo down than the sniper ever could. Something to think about when choosing your sniper rifle. Omni-Channel Marketing Manager – Call Sign: Devilguardian

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