What Is An Airsoft Mystery Box?

November 9, 2015

Mystery boxes are a popular phenomenon in the airsoft market. They’re commonly used by companies to give away prizes, build product excitement, give players deals on otherwise expensive items, and to sometimes close out pre-owned or boneyard guns that the company would otherwise not sell as individual products. Mystery boxes build hype and increase the fun factor in general. They are a great way to save money when you’re looking for a fun airsoft investment.

Mystery boxes help increase consumer interest and allow the seller to offer deals it normally could not by packaging products with a variety of price ranges into a single package deal. In airsoft, this often translates into companies packaging high end guns from companies like VFC or KWA into boxes with more generic airsoft guns and gear. Allowing players with lower budgets to take a chance at getting an expensive gun or get a great gun below cost from other well-known brands. Typically, companies will also include apparel and goodies like patches, small pieces of gear, extra magazines, upgrade parts and even extra guns to sweeten the deal, further increasing the value.

Mystery boxes are so fun to buy! The deals create consumer excitement and hype about products. Companies can use mystery boxes to launch new products by getting them to consumers at lower than normal prices. People are more willing to risk their money knowing they are going to get something of higher value for a lower cost. The excitement of not knowing what you’re going to get, makes mystery boxes so enjoyable. When a retailer launches a new mystery box, it gets people excited to purchase to see what they can get for a great deal.

The best thing about mystery boxes is the customer can get a great product at well below normal cost. MAP pricing is on the rise to ensure fair consumer prices. This helps keep prices consistent and fair in our industry. Mystery boxes, including both expensive high end guns and quality value focused guns, allow buyers to get items at a lower cost than the MAP price.

An important thing to consider when buying these boxes is your probability of winning a good prize. Read all the details about what the odds are to win the main prize and understand that you may not win this prize. You may end up getting one of the lower cost items. Make sure you are still getting a good deal even at the lowest cost product to ensure you are making a smart investment with your money.

The truth is, mystery boxes provide a fun essence to our industry and sport. They allow players to have fun spending their money in a way that is low risk while yielding great rewards and surprises. All in all, mystery boxes are exciting to players while allowing them to try their hand at receiving a surprising new piece of gear or airsoft gun.

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