What To Do When Traveling With Airsoft Guns

March 19, 2015

When traveling with your airsoft guns by road, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure safe transportation. Whether you’re going to a game, to a local shop, or just simply transporting your airsoft guns, safety is incredibly important! In this article, we are going to go over a few highly recommended guidelines to follow to make sure you’re good to go.

One may think that having an exposed airsoft gun in the car would be fine. However, even though airsoft guns are not real firearms, they look very similar and will be assumed to be a hazard. Because of this, transporting airsoft guns without an orange tip is illegal in many areas. The first thing you’ll want to do to avoid confusion is make sure your airsoft gun has an orange tip and/or a brightly colored barrel plug. This will make it more apparent that your airsoft gun possesses absolutely no threat to anyone’s safety.

The second thing you will want to do is to invest in a gun case. Not only do they protect your airsoft gun from the wear & tear of traveling, but they also keep the airsoft gun from out of public sight. This is also important for removing the airsoft gun and carrying it into a shop or to a field. Having a case shows that the airsoft gun is responsibly handled in all areas by ensuring that it is not easily accessible.

There are a few additional precautions to take that are simple and easy to follow. Remember to always remove the magazine, battery, and any optics from the airsoft gun before transporting it. Always place the airsoft gun in its case and store it in the trunk of your car or anywhere it is not easily accessible and seen. Remember, without taking the proper steps to safely travel with your airsoft gun, it could be dangerous and even illegal. Following these steps will help you stay responsible and ensure that everyone stays safe.

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