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Finding the right battery for your new airsoft rifle can be very difficult when you have no idea where it goes or what you are looking for. When it comes to batteries for AKs and M4s, there can be a big difference in what battery styles they can use. This is a guide to help you find the correct battery for your rifle. You will first have to consult the manual to find where your battery is stored to figure out the correct battery for your gun. If the itemRead More

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What To Do When Traveling With Airsoft Guns

When traveling with your airsoft guns by road, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure safe transportation. Whether you’re going to a game, to a local shop, or just simply transporting your airsoft guns, safety is incredibly important! In this article, we are going to go over a few highly recommended guidelines to follow to make sure you’re good to go. One may think that having an exposed airsoft gun in the car would be fine. However, even though airsoft guns are not real firearms, they lookRead More
There are many different weapon variants that are commonly found in airsoft. Many airsoft players who dive into the world of tactical gear often find it difficult to find the correct magazine pouch that will properly fit their airsoft gun’s magazines. In this article, we will be breaking down the compatibility between different airsoft gun pouches & magazines. Two of the most popular airsoft guns are variants based off of the M4/AR platform and the AK/Kalashnikov platform. When it comes to finding magazine pouches for these airsoft guns, there isRead More

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Tippman Airsoft M4 Carbine

The new M4 Carbine by Tippmann is a promising introduction to their airsoft line. The unit is designed to run off of either HPA via a remote air rig or standard 12g CO2 cartridges and is the first of its kind to incorporate a design without the use of any electronics. The rate of fire and velocity is adjustable using a standard Allen key instead of a complex fire control unit. This is all thanks to Tippmann’s patented pressure valve system which provides a simplistic and incredibly durable mechanism. HereRead More

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Airsoft Patches

Morale patches often consist of cool designs and catchy phrases. However, they don’t provide much more beyond the looks. Identification patches have a far more vital role in all airsoft operations. Knowing who is who and what their job is proves to be essential for being an effective team member. These patches include medical, flag, and other ID patches. In most military simulations, medic patches are required for each squad to easily identify who their medic is. The faster a medic can get to the scene where the player wasRead More
In the sport of airsoft, tactical gear plays a major role in combat effectiveness on the field. However, it is also vital to ensure that your tactical gear provides the needed protection instead of just carrying what you need. Goggles and facemasks are definitely a no-brainer, but gear like ball caps, shemaghs and lower face masks, and gloves can be easily overlooked if not taken into account. 1 Light Headwear Ball caps (its tactical counterpart is known as an “Operator Cap”) are a great, lightweight way to protect the upperRead More

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A Tactical Gear Guide for Beginners

Tactical gear is an essential part to your effectiveness in the airsoft world. It provides an easy way to transport magazines, BBs, radios, and any other essential equipment on the field. Tactical gear comes in many different types, models, designs, and colors, but there are three main categories that provide the most out of load bearing and protection: vests, belts, and helmets. The two most popular styles of vests available today are dedicated vests and MOLLE vests / plate carriers. Dedicated vests (also known as Crossdraw vests) have integrated magazineRead More

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What You Need to Know about Chest Rigs

Chest rigs are used for a wide range of purposes. Instead of being restricted to a large, bulky, and constraining plate carrier or vest, users often prefer to opt for a minimalist chest rig for missions that require unrestricted maneuverability. The pros of using a chest rig over plate carriers or tactical vests include maintaining a lower profile, having to bear a lighter load, and the ability to efficiently conceal your tactical gear. Having a low profile is often overlooked by many airsofters. Many players will utilize a loadout thatRead More