Why Do Tactical Goggles Have Different Lens Color Options?

May 5, 2016

Have you ever been shopping for a new set of goggles and noticed so many different looks and colors that it made your head spin? Well, today we are going to cover some different colors that are available and what makes them different! Below is a list of the various colors and a brief description as to what they do and their effectiveness towards protecting your eyes.
Black: The Black lensed goggles gives eye protection against both BBs and the sun! These goggles are ideal when playing in a sunny outdoor field. These goggles are not ideal for “mixed” fields (I.E. Outdoor fields with CQB building areas) as they may heavily impair your vision when moving into the various playing locations.

Clear: These are the most commonly used goggle lenses used in any type of airsofting event. These goggles offer no kind of sight improvement or UV protection, but they do provide equivalent eye protection against BBs as the others do. These are always a sure bet when you can’t decide on any of the other tints!

Smoke: These lenses offer a great protection against any kind of glare without changing any kind of color perception. These are a great choice when playing in sunny weather and you still want the ability to see when moving into low lite CQB areas.

Yellow / Gold: This is the most over looked color when purchasing goggles. These lenses give improved contrast and also give an increase in visual keenness. These lenses are mostly used in low-light conditions or overcast weather (or even snowy days, for those Winter Softers out there).
Now the choice is yours to make! With this new knowledge, we have no doubt that you will choose the right ones to fit your needs! Just be sure to wear your goggles at all times when out on the field. Also, remember to make sure that the googles that you purchase are ATLEAST ANSI Z87.1-2003 rated to make sure your eyes stay protected!
Play Safe, Play Fair, Have Fun!

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