Airsoft Gear To Keep Hydrated During Play

March 2, 2015

Staying hydrated in the field is vital for the safety, effectiveness, and overall enjoyment of any airsoft event. Austin, Airrattle team representative, wrote an in-depth article regarding methods of remaining well-hydrated and reducing fatigue. In this article, we’ll be looking at two different pieces of gear that make it easier to keep yourself hydrated without adding much bulk or having to carry five water bottles in your cargo pockets.

The most popular and arguably the easiest way to carry water is through reservoirs. Commonly referred to as “Camelbaks” and “bladders,” these reservoirs hold a lot of water in a compact way. The amount of water they hold ranges from as low as 1.5 liters to as much as 4 liters of water. The design is simple and consists of two main parts: the reservoir itself and a hose. All reservoirs are flexible, thin, and easy to store inside of a backpack. The hose can be routed through tactical gear, vests, and plate carriers where it is easily accessible. Advantages of using the reservoir include the ability to carry more water, maintain a lower profile, and hands-free usage. As more water is used, the reservoir begins to shrink back until it is completely empty.

The canteen is an old school yet effective way to carry water. While it typically cannot hold as much water as a reservoir, it does offer a few things beyond hydration that a reservoir cannot. Hikers will commonly utilize the canteen along with a reservoir. Most common canteens are made out of stainless steel & aluminum. Advantages include that it is easier to use when stationary, can be used to cook with, and is a great backup in case the reservoir is damaged and begins to leak. Though the canteen is generally bulkier, it is still small enough to put inside of a pack or throw in an extra cargo pocket. Warehouse Manager – Call Sign: Body Guard

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