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With summer upon us, we are taking our airsoft guns and gear off the shelves every weekend to get in the action! We have already heard people saying that the ticks are becoming a growing issue this year. No one likes getting eaten up by mosquitos but getting your blood sucked by ticks is much worse! So when you are getting ready, buying some insect repellant wouldn’t be a bad idea. You don’t want to just buy something that you don’t know will work on ticks and other bugs. SoRead More

Posted On July 3, 2015By AirRattle TechIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Can Airsoft Be Considered A Sport?

People who are not familiar with airsoft think of it as players walking around the woods for a few hours shooting each other. While this is true on some level, it actually takes quite a bit of endurance to participate in an actual airsoft event. Most single day events are 8 hours, and you are running, crawling, climbing, and crouching for most of the day. If your legs are not sore at the end of the day, you are doing something wrong. I recently watched a program that was talkingRead More