Finding The Right Magazine Pouches For Your Load Out

February 24, 2015

There are many different weapon variants that are commonly found in airsoft. Many airsoft players who dive into the world of tactical gear often find it difficult to find the correct magazine pouch that will properly fit their airsoft gun’s magazines. In this article, we will be breaking down the compatibility between different airsoft gun pouches & magazines.

Two of the most popular airsoft guns are variants based off of the M4/AR platform and the AK/Kalashnikov platform. When it comes to finding magazine pouches for these airsoft guns, there is a general rule to follow to insure a proper fit. If you are using an AK-47 or AK-74 style airsoft gun, one AK magazine will be able to fit inside of a double M4 pouch (AKA a pouch that holds two M4 magazines). If you are using a M4 or AR style airsoft gun, the M4 magazine will always fit comfortably inside any AK magazine pouch. The only thing to be aware of , is that AK pouches are generally a little taller, so the M4 magazine won’t necessarily reach to the top of the pouch.

When it comes to submachine guns, the most popular models are the P90, MP5, and UMP 45. Generally, pouches designed to hold any of these magazines will be cross-compatible with each other. For example, if a player likes a particular style of P90 pouch but has a UMP 45, the player will be able to easily fit their UMP 45 magazines perfectly in that P90 pouch. The same concept applies to MP5 magazines fitting in UMP 45 pouches and so on. Most other stick magazines like the ones found in the M1A1 Thompson, PPSh-41, and Kriss Vector will also fit into these pouches.

Pistol magazines can be difficult to find the right pouch for. There are many different styles of pistols with magazines that range in size. For smaller airsoft pistols like the 1911, USP, and M9, any standard pistol magazine pouch will work. For larger airsoft pistols like the Desert Eagle, FNX-45, and MK23, either a larger caliber or double stacked pistol magazine pouch will be needed for a proper fit.

If you need any help finding a pouch that will fit your airsoft gun’s magazines, please email us at Team AirRattle will be more than happy to help you find what you need. Product Developer – Call Sign: Gucci

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