What To Do In Airsoft Game: When A Player Is Not Calling Their Hits

February 20, 2015

Airsoft is a great competitive sport that helps build both physical and mental capabilities while also teaching about tactics and team work. However, from time to time you will find people that don’t like to follow the rules. Cheaters: The people that at times do not call their hits or even abuse the kill rag to move to a better position. (Sounds weird, but most of us have seen people do this before.) In most cases when people see others cheating they tend to yell and get in each other’s faces. Yelling and getting physical with someone should never be the solution. When you see someone not calling hits, simply continue to lay down fire on them. It’s possible from a distance you can’t actually tell if the opponent has really been hit. Eventually, the other player should call out their hit after being ridiculed with airsoft BBs, not words. If your opponent continues to bear through your rain storm of BBs you’re releasing on them, contact the ref in private and show/tell him what player you suspect is cheating. The general rule of thumb is that the player will get a warning the first time, but the second time can lead to the player being disqualified. In extreme cases for repeat offenders, the player may get banned from the field all together. We are all here to play and have fun, so keep calm and make it rain!

At some point or another, you may be faced with the situation of another player claiming that you are not calling your hits. In these cases, pulling out your kill rag defuses the situation. Just taking your hit keeps the game moving, and you may have not realized you got hit. During the heat of battle, when adrenaline is pumping, you may not feel every hit. This honorable action by you will help keep the game positive and fun.

Seriously, no one likes the player that’s not calling his/her hits, but it’s best to keep calm and collected. Remember, they also may be a new player that does not fully understand airsoft rules, so as an experienced player it’s better to let them know than to yell at them. Show your true mental strength on the field by not yelling at your opponent but instead educating them when the timing is right.

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