Tips & Tricks for your First Airsoft Event

May 12, 2015

We have all had our beginner moments when starting in airsoft when we get to the field, look around, and just become over whelmed. There are so many people that are well organized, know what’s going on, where to go, and what to do. Well never fear! Following this tips and tricks guide should help get you ready to roll when you get to the field.

• Safety First! Make sure that you have googles, face protection, and gloves. Before the game starts, be sure to have everything on, sealed and ready to go. NEVER REMOVE YOUR EYE PROTECTION DURING THE GAME! If for any reason you need to remove your googles (I.E. your eye itches or your goggles are fogging up), go to a safe zone to do so!

• Remember to get your gun chronoed at the choreographing station. This is a MUST!

• Never shoot in a marked “Safe” area.

• Never have your finger on the trigger until you have confirmed your target and are ready to shoot!

• Make sure that you have familiarized yourself with your gear load-out. Know where everything is (magazines, bottle of BBs, hydration pouch, ECT). Make sure you fully understand your weapon (selector switch location, how to quickly you can replace magazines, your sling is properly attached, your scope is mounted correctly).

• Keep a low profile when moving into enemy territory. The less of your body that is showing, the harder it will be to hit you. Taking cover behind objects while moving up is a great way to gain ground and stay in the game.

• Use a CD or Mirror to see around corns, so you don’t walk blindly into the squad of enemies and get lit up!

• A big thing to remember is Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Make sure before the game that everything is ready to go. Magazines are loaded, your gun is functioning properly, and your gear is on securely.

These are just some small tips and tricks that we think are very important when going to your first organized game. There are much more that we will be bringing to you soon! Just remember: it’s a game, just breathe and have fun! Omni-Channel Marketing Manager – Call Sign: Devilguardian

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