The Tactical Uses of a Shemagh

November 28, 2014

The number of uses for a shemagh is practically endless, the most common, of which are also the most useful. Whether you’re using it for airsoft or as part of a survival kit, a shemagh should always be part of your gear.

Using Your Shemagh in Airsoft

At an airsoft event, the shemagh is most commonly used for face protection. There are many different ways to tie it, but almost always it deals with protecting the face. If you use a full face shield, you can also place it around your neck for protection as well. If you’re at a field that allows for higher FPS airsoft guns, or at a MilSim event, you’ll want to use a face mask instead, and use your shemagh for a neck wrap.

Protecting Your Face with a Shemagh

The most common use for a shemagh is to wrap your face. This technique is used all over the world, by many different people, for many different purposes. You can use it to shield your mouth and eyes from sand, dirt, snow, and other airborne debris. The face wrap also can be used to keep you warm, because as you breathe the fabric locks in your heat and spreads it around the wrap. This also works to keep you cool, as well. Simply wet down your shemagh before wrapping your face. This will allow the fabric to cool from any wind that may be blowing.

Your Shemagh as a First Aid Tool

Not only can the shemagh be used to protect you, but it also has many survival uses as well. For example, if you are hiking and you break your leg, you will need to make a splint for your leg. To do this, you can rip your shemagh into strips of fabric to tie your splint. You can also use the strips to make a tourniquet.

How Your Shemagh Gets You Clean Water

There are other uses for the shemagh as well, such as the ability to filter water to make it safe for drinking. You can fold your shemagh in to a square and place it under water. Once the shemagh is submersed you can grab it by all four corners and lift it out of the water. Once you allow the water from the outer edges to run off, you can hold the remaining water inside the shemagh over your mouth and clean filtered water will come through.

Using Your Shemagh as Utility Pouch

A shemagh can also be used to carry supplies, such as a lighter or food, if you don’t have a backpack. Never will you have to leave such items behind as long as you have a shemagh. To do so, simply unfold your shemagh and lay it on the ground in the full square shape. Place the items in the center of the shemagh, and fold the two diagonal corners into the middle. Simply grab the remaining diagonal corners and lift the items off the ground. Spin the items around to add tension along the straps, then tie a knot to secure the shemagh to your pack or belt.

Though many people don’t see the shemagh as a very important piece of gear, it is a very handy tool to keep with you. It could save your face, or even your life. This is why I always have a shemagh with me.

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