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This list will consist of the items I have acquired over the years that complete my perfect gear load out. I came up with this load out by playing and slowly added more items for what I was missing. This is my ideal Recon/FO based gear load out. First is the Tactical H Harness by Condor connected to the Gen II Battle Belt. This combination is light weight and allows for easy tactical movement. As the Recon Fire Team Leader, I do a lot of rolling, sliding, crawling, and remainingRead More

Posted On November 1, 2014By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

Shimming Your Gearbox

Shims are little metal washers that come in different sizes. They are meant to apply the necessary space in between the gears. The goal is to space the gears as close together as possible without their faces actually touching; only teeth on teeth contact should be made. In addition to that there should be very little vertical play in between the gears. You do not want to shim them too tight or they will not spin efficiently and it will end up putting more stress on the motor creating unnecessaryRead More