Open Play Event Loadout Checklist

November 20, 2014

In this series we will be covering the checklist of what you need for different scenario events. Events can range in player size, length, and difficulty.  Today we will going over the most basic of events, the Open Play.

The Open Play, often referred to just as an open, is generally the smallest, and least organized event that we will be covering. Most open plays are not strict on uniform code, or even require one. The teams are generally divided into Tan vs. Green and at opens this translates to light clothing vs. dark clothing, as a lot of people will just show up in jeans and a shirt. As far as tactical clothing, you’re not going to need much of that. Chest rigs are not all that necessary either, however I would recommend running a chest rig with basic clothing or no chest rig with tactical clothing as that will allow you to house your magazines in your cargo pockets. Of course you’re also going to need your gun(s), magazines and BBs. As well, you’ll need either gas, CO2, or a battery for your gun(s), but they don’t need to be decked out with attachments. You are also going to need eye protection. It really doesn’t matter if you wear goggles, or a full face mask, but you are going to want full seal eye protection. That is basically all you need to go play at an open event. They are mostly multiple, small game sessions that end within an hour, such as Capture the Flag, or Squad Death Match. These generally only last around 8 hours with a lunch break, so if they don’t have a concession stand, you may want to pack a lunch.

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