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Are airsoft guns safe?

Posted On September 27, 2016By AirRattle TechIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Update On Airsoft Safety

Safety in airsoft is a topic that will be hammered in to our brains until the end of time, so it is easy to brush it off as mundane.  There are two main areas in airsoft that relate to airsoft safety: during game play, and anything before/after gameplay.  Airsoft safety is not a simple subject, as there are many variables, but we are going to make this article as succinct as possible. Every player will have a different idea on how to be safe during airsoft game play, but thereRead More
For a number of years, RIS was the standard rail type for airsoft, but recently more and more gun manufacturers are opting to put KeyMod rails on their guns, in lieu of a Rail Interface System (RIS). KeyMod is more of an updated rail system for guns, but there are pros and cons to using this system when compared to RIS. I will lay out some things in this article which will hopefully shed some light on both of these rail types, so you can make an educated decision. First,Read More
Whenever we talk about airsoft, the subject of upgrades will always come up in the conversation. The question I hear many times is “I want to run a lipo, do I need a mosfet, and can I just use a basic plug-in mosfet?” There is a very simple different between the wired in mosfet and the plug in mosfet, so let’s set the record straight. Let’s start first with the plug in mosfet. This particular style of mosfet is not a mosfet at all; rather it is a burst controller.Read More

Posted On October 15, 2015By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tactics

How To Perform The Role Of Airsoft Support Gunner

On every airsoft team (or group) there are going to be players who play certain roles, whether it is the sniper/spotter combo, medic, assault, or heavy weapons. This is even more true when you play MilSim events, because you are assigned to play a certain role and you can only do certain things associated with that role. The role of support gunner, in my mind, is one of the most important roles because you are assisting your entire team in one way or another, and you can do things theRead More

Posted On July 3, 2015By AirRattle TechIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Can Airsoft Be Considered A Sport?

People who are not familiar with airsoft think of it as players walking around the woods for a few hours shooting each other. While this is true on some level, it actually takes quite a bit of endurance to participate in an actual airsoft event. Most single day events are 8 hours, and you are running, crawling, climbing, and crouching for most of the day. If your legs are not sore at the end of the day, you are doing something wrong. I recently watched a program that was talkingRead More
In the world of airsoft today, there is still plenty of discussion about which barrel is “better” when comparing them. The problem is that most people are not looking at the whole picture when comparing barrels. Each barrel serves its purpose, and it is almost like comparing apples and oranges. I will not go into barrel length in this article, as it has already been covered in a previous article. This article will only talk about barrel bores. Let’s start with tight bores, which typically come in two main flavors:Read More
If you have every used, or are thinking about using, a LiPo battery, you may have some questions about what all those numbers mean on the battery. I will explain what those numbers mean, and how they will relate to the specific gun you are using. They are not arbitrary numbers, and not getting the “correct” battery for your gun can actually hurt more than it helps. You do not want to arbitrarily pick a battery and throw it in your gun, and in the case of airsoft, more isRead More

Posted On April 20, 2015By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

Deans Connectors Vs Tamiya Connectors

Are Deans connectors better than Tamiya connectors? The answer is yes; but then the million dollar question is why? The question does not necessarily involve the connector types themselves, but rather the concept of electrical flow and resistance. Your gun is just a small electrical circuit and your battery is the power source. When you pull the trigger, the contacts are closing the circuit and drawing energy from the battery to spin the motor. In this article I will go deeper into this concept, and the concept of resistance. InRead More
When it comes to airsoft, players are always seeking way to improve their guns. Most of the time when we talk about upgrades, we talk about internal gearbox upgrades to make your gun shoot faster or harder. But what good is a fast shooting gun if you cannot hit your target? The concept of hop-up is a fantastic idea, but it still has flaws. Which brings us to the concept of r-hop. First, what exactly is hop-up and how does it work? Well, it is actually quite simple. As theRead More
When it comes to choosing the right scope for your gun, it can be very difficult! However, we have found that most people chose their scopes based on the model of gun they are using. Below are some scopes that we recommend looking at when trying to find a scope. M4/DMR Build Rifle: When looking for a scope for this gun or build, the search is very wide and can be tiring at times. We have found that most people use a 1.5x – 4x zoom scope with M4 Rifles.Read More