Fore Grips and Airsoft Guns Were Made For Each Other

January 13, 2015

When it comes to attachments one of the most popular accessories to put on your airsoft guns is a fore grip. Fore grips come in many different shapes and sizes. They also have a multitude of uses other than just providing you with a steadier platform for firing.
First we will start with the standard vertical fore grip. This fore grip and airsoft guns is generally reserved for assault rifles and SMGs. It allows for you to raise your gun and maneuver it faster than just holding the rail system on the gun. The vertical fore grip comes in many different varieties. There is a vertical fore grip that has a spring powered bipod that can double as a bipod and fore grip. These can be used on any type of weapon, but a bipod fore grip is most efficient on assault rifles, designated marksmen rifles, and sniper rifles. There are also folding or position fore grips. These fore grips simply flip up or back and can be set in to an angled position.
Our next kind of fore grip is the angled fore grip. The angled fore grip is a very versatile fore grip and is my personal favorite. These can be mimicked by other fore grips such as the 5 position fore grip that I use. They are generally used on longer range guns as they are low profile and don’t set the gun as high when in the prone position. These fore grips are slightly more ergonomic on longer guns. The angled fore grip puts let strain on the wrist than the standard vertical fore grip and allows you to hook on to walls while peering over them.
No matter what fore grip you go with, they are all good options for attachments.

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