The Type and Size Of Battery Will You Need For An Airsoft AEG Gun

April 7, 2015

Finding the right battery for your new airsoft rifle can be very difficult when you have no idea where it goes or what you are looking for. When it comes to batteries for AKs and M4s, there can be a big difference in what battery styles they can use. This is a guide to help you find the correct battery for your rifle. You will first have to consult the manual to find where your battery is stored to figure out the correct battery for your gun. If the item didn’t come with a manual, you can find this information very easily by searching online. After finding where it is stored or ‘housed’, you then need to find out if the connector (Called the Tamiya plug) is a small or large type. Once you have found this information, check below for your battery type.


Battery housed in crane stock: The battery that you are going to want is called a Nunchuck style battery (shown above). These are the most common of all the airsoft batteries (outside of lithium powered batteries). They are two separate battery packs connected by wires, resembling a nunchuck. Depending on the connector size, you will want to find a nunchuck with a large or small connector. A battery gets bigger in size as the mAh is bigger. Be careful when you pick a battery the fits in your gun. The commonly used nunchuck battery has a mAh of 1600 and a voltage of 9.6, which will fit guns like the G&G Combat Machine Raider.


Battery housed in fixed stock: When the battery is housed in a fixed stock, you have the option of nunchuck or brick style (shown above) batteries. Most airsofters will stick with using the brick style. Fixed stock guns have the option to have a larger battery. (More mAh means more play time without recharging). These models also are the ones that you really want to pay attention to the connector size, as 50% of fixed stock guns will have a large and other will have the small connectors. The most common of the brick style batteries that people use however is going to be the 9.6v small brick style.

Battery housed in the handguard: With the battery being housed here it is most common to use the 9.6v 1600 mAh nunchuck battery. You may also house a small 8.4v 1400 mAh brick battery in the handguard as well. Just note that with the 9.6v battery you will see a better performance out of the rifle over the 8.4v counterpart.


AK / Battery housed in the top receiver: These guns take a battery style referred to as a ‘stick type’ battery (shown above). Finding a battery that is right for these guns can be quite tricky, as the difference in the 9.6v and 8.4v is about an inch of space. Some guns don’t have the room to fit these batteries. It is best to get an 8.4v first then after finding that you have more room, purchasing a 9.6v.
This is a guide to steer you in the right direction to find a battery for your item. This is not a buying guide as some guns are unique and are not built the same as others. If you don’t feel comfortable making the decision on what battery to get yourself, please feel free to contact our support team for help in locating the right one for your gun! Product Developer – Call Sign: Gucci

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