What Scope Should I Get For My Airsoft Gun?

April 3, 2015

When it comes to choosing the right scope for your gun, it can be very difficult! However, we have found that most people chose their scopes based on the model of gun they are using. Below are some scopes that we recommend looking at when trying to find a scope.

M4/DMR Build Rifle: When looking for a scope for this gun or build, the search is very wide and can be tiring at times. We have found that most people use a 1.5x – 4x zoom scope with M4 Rifles. These scopes designate whether the user is just a Riflemen or a Designated Marksmen. The 1.5x zoom scope is best when used for indoor or close quarters. Scopes ranging from 3x – 4x are used for DMR (Designated Marksmen Rifle) builds and outdoor shooting.

AK Rifle: Scope shopping for an AK can be a bit more difficult because AKs usually need a rail system that attaches to the rifle to allow the use of a scope. After finding the rails compatible with an AK47, it’s time to pick out a scope. One option is shown above with the DMR build. The most common scope/sight used for the AK model rifles is a Red Dot. Most red dots have different sight reticles, have lights in different colors, and have different looks.

Sniper Rifle: Sniper Rifle users can be very picky when choosing a scope. The scope they chose to use depends on how big the airsoft field is. The most common scope used with a sniper rifle is the 9x zoom variants. Personally, I feel that this is kind of ‘overkill’ for an airsoft rifle. I have found that using a scope with a 3-9x zoom is great for any airsoft field. These scopes have the option of changing the zoom variant from 3x to 9x zoom, making these scopes very versatile.

These are my suggestions to help you select the right scope or sight for your gun. Scopes are not required when playing airsoft.

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