Airsoft Flashlights, A Must Have For Indoor and Night Games.

January 16, 2015

When you go to a game, you need to look at the factors that will affect your sight. Is it going to be nighttime? Are there buildings without lights? Are there tunnels? All of these factors will take away your ability to see; therefore you’re going to need some way to improve your sight in dark areas. Some may say night vision is a necessity. However, if you do not have the money to pay for night vision you can go with the easy option of a flashlight. Flashlights can be used to improve visibility in the dark and for tracking bbs in low light areas. A lot of people use flashlights at CQB fields to track their shots for accuracy.

When it comes to flashlights you can set them up however you please. You can attach it to your gear or your gun. Some players choose to use a headlamp. Some flashlights have push activation, while others may offer a pressure switch option. Both have advantages when it comes to function. The push activation is simple and easy to use. The pressure switch is easier to control.

A lot of people will mount their lights on their rifles so they can illuminate the area they are shooting at. This is effective for lighting up the target area and tracking your shots. Other players will commonly mount their lights on their helmets as well. This allows them to see where they are walking and to turn them on for MilSim games to read objectives or maps. If you aren’t playing into the night it is still a good idea to have a light in case you need it for quick repairs on your gun, or for going into low light areas.

When it comes to flashlights there are many options to choose from. With a variety of styles and mounting abilities, a flashlight is a great tool to use when airsofting. In any event, it is always good to have a flashlight for a situation that may require one. Warehouse Manager – Call Sign: Body Guard

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