Common BB & Magazine Misconceptions in Airsoft

April 17, 2015

There are some common misconceptions that new players tend to do in airsoft. We would like to help out some of our new players out there! Below is a list of common actions performed by new players that you should be aware of:

– Washing & Reusing BBs: This is more common than you would think. Some people feel that it is acceptable to reuse the BBs that they have just fired out of their gun. DON’T DO THIS! After firing a BB out of your gun it may cause that bb to become brittle. If you reuse it, it can break in the gun. A broken bb lodged in a gun can cause the gun to lock up and render it useless until an airsoft technician unlocks it.

– Using .12g BBs for Higher FPS guns: Though it may be true that the FPS will increase if you use lower weight BBS, the accuracy and range of the BBs will be greatly affected. And not in a good way! The range and accuracy of the BB will drop drastically if .12g BBs are used in a higher FPS gun. The BB will start veering to the side or just drop to the ground. Another reason not to use .12g BBs in a gun with a higher FPS is because the bbs can break/shatter when put through a mid/high end gun, causing serious internal issues. We recommend to not use this weight of BB at any cost.

– “Universal” Magazines: Some guns use magazines that are commonly referred to as “Universal” magazines. The main culprit being the M4. Though it says Universal, this doesn’t always mean that it will work with every M4 gun. Even by comparing the picture to your magazine, isn’t the best way to find out if that magazine is compatible with your gun. A magazine may look the same, but it is difficult to tell if it is skinnier or if the mag release holes will line up correctly with your gun. The best way to find out if a universal mag will work with your gun is to contact the manufacture or a retailer and ask them.

– Referring to the Magazine as a Clip: This is very common misconception. The main reason that people will call their magazines, “Clips” is due to First Person Shooter (FPS) games. Don’t let them fool you! A clip is a strip of metal or plastic that holds gun bullets together until they’re inserted into the gun. Clips are even sometimes used to load actual magazines. Magazines are actually containers that hold bullets and feed them into the gun.

Beginner airsoft players can avoid some frustrating experiences with the operation of their guns by understanding these simple misconceptions. Omni-Channel Marketing Manager – Call Sign: Devilguardian

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