Blacksheep MilSim – Part 6

October 19, 2014

After holding our position in the church for a little while longer, our squad was given orders to head out and take some more buildings. There were three buildings in a row which acted as residences, and we had to take them from left to right. The biggest issue with this is the layout creates a distinct advantage for whoever controls the center building. It’s basically set up so that there’s a channel created with a walkway to the center building and entrances to the residences on either side off of that walkway. Also noteworthy is that the walkway was lined with an 8-foot cinderblock wall on either side. Though command asked us to take the buildings from left to right, we decided to adapt and adjust by first taking the center building.

It actually wasn’t too bad taking the center building. The Alphas had one sniper in the second floor window, which took care of most adversaries quite effectively. After we realized our predicament, we held back, and our sharp shooter took out the sniper. Even though he was at a lower level, it only took a few shots to take out the sniper. As it turned out, that singular sniper was the only person holding all three of those buildings.

We knew that the scores between Alphas and Bravos were fairly close, and we were expecting the Alphas to try to take these buildings, since they’re easier than most, considering their solitude, compared to the rest of the field. We stood vigilant for some time, more brazenly than most. We weren’t under cover, but we were at the ready, always looking for movement that suggested that Alphas were on their way.

With less than an hour left at Camp Grayling, we were told to change position because someone was bringing the VIP and some boxes to the center building. We went inside to make it more secure. I was on the front door, we had two on the second floor, and one on each side of the walkway, in the entrances of the buildings on either side. I was trying to figure out who the VIP was – remember, I’m new to airsoft – and what boxes they would be bringing.

At about 11:45, with only 15 minutes left to play, the reinforcements came with a stuffed dummy and some crates. Oh…so that’s the VIP. As it turned out, I missed an important part of the event while I napped, which included having the possession of the VIP and the crates a ways of gaining points. The entire group waited with heightened senses and increased heart rate for the Alphas to come after the VIP and the crates before time ran out. The Alphas came, but not in the waves that I had anticipated. There were a few, but we were all able to take care of them without too much issue.

At 12:00 Noon on Sunday, the warning klaxon sounded and the event was officially over. Now, we rallied around the center of the CACTF and let the Major talk about how well the people at Camp Grayling liked us being there, as well as how proud he was that we were able to continue the safety record of Blacksheep with no injuries.

Next came cleanup, which I’m going to not talk about anymore. There’s nothing fun or exciting about sweeping and picking up grenade shells. Let’s move forward.

To be continued… Search and Social Marketing Developer – Call Sign: Tensai

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