My Perfect Load out Part 1 – Firepower

October 29, 2014

This is something I really want to write about as I am hoping to finish piecing it all together soon. I’ve messed around with a variety of different guns, as I feel that is what you should do to establish exactly how you play and what you would want to use to help you play to your fullest ability.

Starting off; my perfect Primary weapon. After owning several different guns, never bouncing over $220, I have established exactly what kind of primary I’m looking for. I generally am a point man for my team so I need something that’s not too long, however I still get into some long range engagements and need something I can use accurately at a distance. To accommodate both of these, I have chosen my ideal primary to be the VFC VR16 Tactical Elite II. This item comes with a 6.03 tight bore barrel allowing for very good accuracy, and is approximately the length of am M16, giving me the range I need. It comes with a 10 in. Knights Armament Rail System allowing plenty of room for attachments. I am also currently serving in the Marine Reserve, so with this weighing in close to an M4, it feels very natural to me.


Of course I need a scope to go with this, but something I can use at a shorter range. I also wanted to get something with a variable zoom, as I am the Recon Fire Team Leader for my team, so I do quite a bit of scouting. I was hoping to pick up something with a 1.5-6x zoom, but that is hard to find. I finally settled on the 2.5-10×40 by Aim Sports. This scope is perfect for me. It isn’t very bulky, but maintains a wide field of view which allows for easy reaction shooting. This scope has dual illumination, for day and night shooting, and elevation and windage knobs for pinpoint zeroing.


Next, on the right side of the gun, from the shooters perspective, I would mount the Xenon Deluxe Flashlight, with the pressure plate running to the 5 position ergonomic fore grip, both by UTG. The only other attachment I would add would be a laser sight for low light aiming.

Flash Light:

Fore Grip:

Laser Sight:

For a sidearm I want to get something I have had my eye on for quite some time now. Navy Limited Edition PPQ, by VFC. It feels solid and you can’t beat a limited edition.

Pistol: Customer Service – Call Sign: $pades

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