3 Pieces of Protective Gear We Take for Granted

September 23, 2014

In the sport of airsoft, tactical gear plays a major role in combat effectiveness on the field. However, it is also vital to ensure that your tactical gear provides the needed protection instead of just carrying what you need. Goggles and facemasks are definitely a no-brainer, but gear like ball caps, shemaghs and lower face masks, and gloves can be easily overlooked if not taken into account.

1 Light Headwear

Ball caps (its tactical counterpart is known as an “Operator Cap”) are a great, lightweight way to protect the upper portion of your head. Damage from brush, overhead structures, and BB impacts are all diminished by simply wearing a ball cap. It’s a layer of protection that you can take to lower the chance of scratches, bruises, and broken skin if you aren’t wearing a helmet or paintball-style mask.

2 Shemaghs

Utilizing a shemagh, neck gaiter, or balaclava is also a great way to provide protection for your face and neck. In the field, shots to players from the chest above is highly discouraged. However, accidents do happen and it’s always best to prepare. Much like ball caps, a shemagh or mask is a thin layer of protection yet it still provides the essential shielding layer to help reduce impacts from either other players or the environment around you. Many people utilize lower face masks made out of mesh wire that is sure to completely protect against most impacts. However, for an example, those who may need larger goggles to accommodate glasses may not be able to fit a lower mesh mask without hindering the goggle’s full seal. A thin, form-fitting balaclava would prove to be a solution.

3 Gloves

Gloves not only help with gripping your airsoft gun, magazines, or other gear, but also make sure your hands are spared from BB impacts. Your fingers are incredibly sensitive, so gloves should always be on your checklist. Additionally, many gloves have polymer or carbon fiber knuckle plates that helps provide protection in case you need to slide down a hill or exit a vehicle quickly where protecting your hands isn’t always on the top of your mind.

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