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Posted On September 13, 2014By AirRattle TechIn Airsoft Tech

Short Stroking

Short stroking is described as removing teeth from the piston and sector gear resulting in faster cycles on your AEG. It can also decrease your AEGs velocity. What is the benefit to this? Short stroking will improve your rate of fire and will result in faster cycle rates. It’s also an easy modification that will cost you little or no money. It will also prevent any pre-engagement *(this is when the sector gear engages the piston’s teeth while it is still in motion). What’s the downside? In short answer, shortRead More

Posted On September 12, 2014By Dylan KiddIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

10 Airsoft Game Play Scenarios

If you’ve been playing airsoft for a while, you’ve likely played most – if not all – of these scenarios. If you’re new to the sport, you can use this information to change up what you’re doing. Either way, we think that you’ll enjoy any of these scenarios. Of you have any questions, contact us, or any of your airsofting friends. 1. Deathmatch Deathmatch is one of the easiest event types to play. There are only two teams playing here with an even number of players on each team. TheRead More

Posted On September 11, 2014By Austin ClineIn Airsoft Tactics

Introduction to Airsoft Tactics: The Very Basics

Tactics are one of the most important things in an airsoft game. Whether you’re running HPA, automatic electric guns, gas or CO2, or spring powered airsoft guns, what wins at the end of the day is tactical sense and the ability of your team to work together. The base of any tactics is the trust in your fellow team members. You have to be able to trust that they are physically and mentally ready to handle any possible situation. The trust starts with a one-on-one interaction. Buddy pairs should beRead More

Posted On September 9, 2014By Jacob BaitzIn Airsoft Tactical Gear

What You Need to Know about Chest Rigs

Chest rigs are used for a wide range of purposes. Instead of being restricted to a large, bulky, and constraining plate carrier or vest, users often prefer to opt for a minimalist chest rig for missions that require unrestricted maneuverability. The pros of using a chest rig over plate carriers or tactical vests include maintaining a lower profile, having to bear a lighter load, and the ability to efficiently conceal your tactical gear. Having a low profile is often overlooked by many airsofters. Many players will utilize a loadout thatRead More