My Favorite Primary Airsoft Gun

September 24, 2014

We all have our reasons for having our favorite primary weapon, be it that you like the Bullpup design, The Standard AR Design, or platform based. My favorite above all would have to be the MTC 2 by ECHO1. When I started playing the sport of airsoft I didn’t fully understand all the aspects of the sport or all the customization that could be done to the guns. After I had played for a while I decided it was time for me to pick up my first real primary weapon. I did some research and after thinking a while, I decided I wanted to run a DMR load out, so I was going to need a gun with decent range but I also wanted something that used the standard M4/M16 magazine so that ways I could swap magazines with my team while we were out in the field. I wanted something that was unique, good quality and fairly realistic.

I liked my first gun, it was the JG MK5SD5, which is now discontinued. On the way to an event, I had not had it in a gun bag so upon arrival I found that the stock had broken off. It was on the bottom of my gear bag, and I had all of my gear piled on it. I learned the hard way: buy a gun bag. At least we were smart enough to bring a backup. So I was looking for a good quality primary weapon, and decided to browse through ECHO1. They had a few things I liked but the MTC had caught my eye. The MTC 1 was nice looking but I wanted something a little bigger. The MTC 3 had a really unique look to it, but was a CQB styled weapon. So I started looking at the MTC 2. It was longer than the MTC 1 and was what I was looking for. It’s definitely unique, being a G36 designed body with a conversion kit on the mag well to take M4/M16 magazines. At the time I was unable to buy it, as I was leaving very soon for Marine Boot Camp. However as soon as I had returned from, I hopped on my computer and ordered it. The next step was to wait excitedly for it to get to my house.

As soon as it got there I opened it up and immediately fell in love with it. It has sleek low profile iron sights built in to the upper rail system, although I did put a scope on it. It has fairly long rails on it so I mounted a flash light on the left side and put an angled fore grip on the bottom. The FPS shoots in the high 300s and with the hop up adjusted correctly it can hit target consistently at over 200 ft. It is light weight and durable and I have plans to make it longer. That’s why the MCT 2 is above all my favorite gun. What’s yours and why?

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