My Experiences at Operation Cold Ground

September 19, 2014

Airsoft events are like snowflakes, each one is different from the others. Any airsoft event can be an intense fight, it all depends on how into the game you get. One of my favorite events was an Operation Cold Ground at Hidden Springs Ranch, in Springfield, Ohio. One of the scenarios we played was at the air field area that was on the map. It was just a simple death match scenario, but the organizer, Blade, is one of the best I have ever seen.

He was firing fireworks in the air over the Area of Operations (AO), which simulated explosions. It got everyone amped up and had your blood flowing. It caused a little chaos as when the first one went off no one expected it and everyone took cover. It made you feel like you were actually in battle as there was no set interval on how often they went off or how many would go. It just made the fight seem so much more extreme.

Later on in the day we were playing a capture the flag scenario. Rules were set; there was a go-cart, named Buggy, with a driver and a gunner, the gunner was only using an AEG, but they were with whichever team had the flag, which at the moment was our team. It sounds a little one sided but the enemy team occupied a three story air tower which made it really hard to push forward, as the mission was to take the flag from our spawn point to the enemy’s spawn point.

Myself and a few teammates were able to push up the left flank but along the way, got pinned down on the outer edge of the Kill Houses by enemies in the air tower. We thought that was “End Game” as we had very little time to reach the Objective Rally Point, and the rest of our team was behind us trying to pull attention off of us.

Fortunately for us out of nowhere the Buggy pulls up between us and the air tower. The gunner started firing at the tower as the driver yelled for us to run. With the Buggy as an escort we sprinted as fast as we could toward the ORP. We were about 30 yards out from the ORP when I felt the flag begin to slip and fly off, which I was wearing heroically, like a cape. I threw my left hand back to try and catch it while running. Surprisingly I had actually caught the flag and made it successfully to the ORP.

Afterward we congratulated the opposing team on a good game and switched sides. On the next time around, we weren’t so lucky, and lost by the skin of our teeth.

Like I said before, the game is only as fun as you and your team mates make it. So go out there and remember: It’s a game, so have fun. Omni-Channel Marketing Manager – Call Sign: Devilguardian

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