My Perfect Loadout Part 2 – Gear

November 2, 2014

This list will consist of the items I have acquired over the years that complete my perfect gear load out. I came up with this load out by playing and slowly added more items for what I was missing. This is my ideal Recon/FO based gear load out.

First is the Tactical H Harness by Condor connected to the Gen II Battle Belt. This combination is light weight and allows for easy tactical movement. As the Recon Fire Team Leader, I do a lot of rolling, sliding, crawling, and remaining prone for extended periods of time. This set up has room for gear on the sides and back, exposing my front so that I am not laying prone on my magazine pouches.

Hydration is key in the field, so I run a 2.5 liter hydration carrier with a 2.5 liter bladder. This provides plenty of water in the field while not weighing me down too much. It is also helpful by connecting my upper back MOLLE to the MOLLE on the back of my belt. On the back of my hydration carrier I keep a small admin bag, for holding maps and small amounts of food to eat while out in the field.

I have one drop leg on either side. The right side holds my pistol and pistol magazines, and the left side is a dump pouch for my rifle magazines. Having the pistol in a drop leg as opposed to on the hip allows for more fluent drawing, as it sits where my arm naturally hangs. Customer Service – Call Sign: $pades

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