January 15, 2015

There are many different types of events and fields when it comes to airsoft. You have large field events, you have MilSim, and you instructional training. However, the event with the fastest pace is CQB. If you want fast paced combat, CQB is the way to go.
In my area, there are not that many CQB fields out there. Larger fields have “CQB zones”, but they are not really a close quarters field. When you do find a field close by that was built just for the use of CQB, you will need to be prepared for the event. You do not really need much to prepare you for an event in a CQB environment. You will want to have a high-speed kit that will allow you to maneuver the course as quickly and efficiently as possible.
You will want a gun that is short and has a high rate of fire. With a short gun, you will be able to maneuver the course quickly without getting hung up on corners. Also, you may want to look at adding a strobe light because it can be used to blind your enemies on the field. To get your gun to shoot at high rates of fire, you can upgrade the battery or you can get a DSG (Dual Sector Gear) upgrade. This can help you achieve up to 60-70 rounds a sec. Other than these items, you really don’t need your gun to be fully kitted out to use it in a CQB environment.
For your load out, I usually recommend using a sub load instead of a main rig. This is just a sub load out that will keep all of your gear, such as extra magazines, speed loaders, grenades, ect, on your hips and thighs. This allows you to move quickly without the restriction of a vest or plate carrier. Other than these items you will need a full face mask preferably because a lot of CQB fields do not have MEDs (Minimum Engagement Distance) and no one wants to be shot in the face, full auto, with 350fps at a distance of five feet or less. Last thing you will need is a way to carry some water because keeping hydrated is key.
The best part about CQB is that it is strictly for fast paced fun. With a fast paced event you get the full experience and adrenaline rush of the sport, as well as growth in sportsmanship. The sport of airsoft is a great sport to build teamwork as well as make new friendships.

-“Play fast, play fair, enjoy the sport.” Warehouse Manager – Call Sign: Body Guard

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