Why You Need a Smart Charger

November 10, 2014

Today we will be going over why you need a smart charger. There are quite a few reasons that you need a smart charger. We here at AirRattle do try to help by including an insert that provides instructions on how to properly charge your battery. The standard trickle wall charger can get the job done however they are more likely to damage your battery.

The main reason you need a smart charger is it will help protect your battery. Those of us who participate in the sport of airsoft, enjoy the sport however, unless you are a very lucky individual, playing it is not what you do 24/7. We all have our lives which we have to go about, and you never know when something that requires your utmost attention is going to pop up on that Thursday night before the game this weekend. But you still need to have your battery charged for that 3 day MilSim this weekend! Not to mention you would have two batteries if Larry from work wasn’t such a mooch and had to borrow your back up because he lost his. With a smart charger you can just plug your battery in and it will stop charging when the battery is fully charged. With a trickle wall charger, it will not. It will continuously charge your battery, killing it, and possibly create other risks if you have it on for too long. So now you’re out a battery, two including the one that Larry borrowed, and damage has been done to your carpet.

Most smart chargers also come with some kind of universal hook up that allows you to charge whether you have a small large type battery connection. This is helpful so when Larry, who didn’t charge his battery the night before and has a large type brick battery for his stone age M16 that, for some reason, doesn’t use a small connection, can charge his battery at your house hours before the event.

This is why you need a smart charger. They are convenient and allow you to carry on with the rest of your daily life while taking care of your airsoft gear. We also all have a Larry. Larry is also why you need a smart charger.

Play Hard, Play Fair, Don’t be Larry -$pades

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