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Posted On October 18, 2014By Larry BettsIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Blacksheep MilSim – Part 5

The whole group took a truck out to the CACTF, and we were dropped at a building where we took fire immediately out of the truck. Two of us got hit, but our new medic was able to revive us. Once we entered the building as relievers, the old squad rotated out, and the five of us were there again. The three that had opted not to nap earlier were in bad shape now. One had been tasked with watching the back door and fell asleep. Another had been taskedRead More

Posted On October 17, 2014By Larry BettsIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Blacksheep MilSim – Part 4

Once I jumped off of the truck, I noticed that I had at some point lost the butt plate and battery cover off of the stock. I went back to the truck we arrived in, and looked for electrical tape, which I know we had. Unfortunately, the doors were locked. It was OK though, because I decided to go to Plan B. I was going to use my Desert Eagle as my primary, and only, gun. I took a couple of practice shots with the Desert Eagle, and on shotRead More

Posted On October 16, 2014By Larry BettsIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Blacksheep MilSim – Part 3

Bravo 21 adopted me as one of their own, so I got to play on. This time, I was guarding the tunnel entrance from the police station next door. I heard some ruckus from on the other side, and stood fast at my position, with my G&G pointed down, ready to pull the trigger. The last I had seen, Bravo still had control of the police station, but a lot can happen while you’re in a basement, and unable to see what’s going on. I opted to climb down theRead More

Posted On October 15, 2014By Larry BettsIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Blacksheep MilSim – Part 2

The next morning, we woke up at 0700 and get ready for the kickoff of the event at 1200. Getting into my mutilcam was a weird experience. With the exception of just trying on the trousers, blouse, and utility cap, I hadn’t worn anything resembling a uniform in over 15 years. I opted not to blouse my boots, though I felt funny with my trouser legs just dangling onto my boots. Sure, I hadn’t been in for so long, but sometimes, no matter how long it’s been, it doesn’t feelRead More

Posted On October 14, 2014By Larry BettsIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Blacksheep MilSim – Part 1

Before I get into the event, I want to give a little bit of a background. I started with on the Monday after the 4th of July weekend earlier this year. I was hired by my internet technology savvy, not my airsoft knowledge. I had never been to an airsoft event, and didn’t own any airsoft guns or tactical gear. I was diving face first into learning what I could with no practical experience, but between my coworkers, the internet, and some other friends, I was soaking in aRead More
When we go to an airsoft event we all want to perform the best we possibly can. In order to be at the top of your game it is important to be physically conditioned for an event. We’ll going over some tips here to tell you how to prepare for it before, as well as help recover from it afterwards. This will include physical exercises, as well as how to sty properly hydrated throughout the event. As any of us who have ever participated in an event before know, airsoftRead More

Posted On September 19, 2014By Dylan KiddIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

My Experiences at Operation Cold Ground

Airsoft events are like snowflakes, each one is different from the others. Any airsoft event can be an intense fight, it all depends on how into the game you get. One of my favorite events was an Operation Cold Ground at Hidden Springs Ranch, in Springfield, Ohio. One of the scenarios we played was at the air field area that was on the map. It was just a simple death match scenario, but the organizer, Blade, is one of the best I have ever seen. He was firing fireworks in the airRead More

Posted On September 12, 2014By Dylan KiddIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

10 Airsoft Game Play Scenarios

If you’ve been playing airsoft for a while, you’ve likely played most – if not all – of these scenarios. If you’re new to the sport, you can use this information to change up what you’re doing. Either way, we think that you’ll enjoy any of these scenarios. Of you have any questions, contact us, or any of your airsofting friends. 1. Deathmatch Deathmatch is one of the easiest event types to play. There are only two teams playing here with an even number of players on each team. TheRead More