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Many airsofters live in colder climates. During the winter months it’s easier to hunker down indoors and wait for spring to arrive before pulling your airsoft gun back out for a round of open play. However, many of us don’t really want to wait that long. Winter isn’t even officially here yet, and I’m already getting the fever to head out to play. If you’re going to be attending any kind of airsoft event in the winter months, there is a lot of preparation you’ll need to make. There areRead More
Weekend events are what airsoft is all about. Two big names in this category are Operation Lion Claws and Blacksheep MilSim. Check them out when you get a chance. While I have not had the pleasure of attending one of these events in person, it has been my long standing dream to make it to Operation Irene. When you attend one of these events, you’re going to need a good airsoft gun. I’m not saying jump up and buy a VFC to make it to one of these events, butRead More
When I first started playing airsoft, MilSim players were who I looked to for inspiration. They looked like real operators; they had great gear and guns. When I experienced my first MilSim event, I realized you don’t need an expensive loadout. Sure, they look cool, but they’re not necessary. When you go to a 24-hour MilSim event, you really just need a kit that’s light, comfortable, and meets the requirements. My first 24-hour MilSim event was at Camp Grayling, Michigan. I wouldn’t say I was prepared for it; it wasRead More
For a standard eight hour operation you would normally think you would dress comfortably, just need a few high cap magazines and maybe not even wear your rig. However, for an eight-hour MilSim event you will need a rig of some sort, preferably a plate carrier, along with your BDU’s, and a helmet if required. First thing you will need is a rig set up. You will also need a radio to keep in contact with your team. Your rig will need pouches for your magazines, as well as aRead More

Posted On November 20, 2014By Austin ClineIn Fun in the Airsoft Field

Open Play Event Loadout Checklist

In this series we will be covering the checklist of what you need for different scenario events. Events can range in player size, length, and difficulty.  Today we will going over the most basic of events, the Open Play. The Open Play, often referred to just as an open, is generally the smallest, and least organized event that we will be covering. Most open plays are not strict on uniform code, or even require one. The teams are generally divided into Tan vs. Green and at opens this translates toRead More
This list will consist of the items I have acquired over the years that complete my perfect gear load out. I came up with this load out by playing and slowly added more items for what I was missing. This is my ideal Recon/FO based gear load out. First is the Tactical H Harness by Condor connected to the Gen II Battle Belt. This combination is light weight and allows for easy tactical movement. As the Recon Fire Team Leader, I do a lot of rolling, sliding, crawling, and remainingRead More
This is something I really want to write about as I am hoping to finish piecing it all together soon. I’ve messed around with a variety of different guns, as I feel that is what you should do to establish exactly how you play and what you would want to use to help you play to your fullest ability. Starting off; my perfect Primary weapon. After owning several different guns, never bouncing over $220, I have established exactly what kind of primary I’m looking for. I generally am a pointRead More
Throughout my younger years I was an avid paintballer. I owned my own paintball gun – the too-well-known Tippman 98 Custom (Wal-Mart’s finest!), electrically feed hopper system, and I only used the best paintballs (In my opinion of course), ‘The Works’. Playing speedball in a field here in Ohio, I met all sorts of people from young kids who were just playing because their parents brought them for something to do, to adults, who lived and breathed the sport. Years later, a few of my friends stopped paintballing and pickedRead More

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Blacksheep MilSim – Part 7

At the final briefing, before being released we found out this was the closest Blacksheep score of any event before. Bravo won (WOOT!!) 11,350 to 11,200. If we were playing football, a difference of 150 points would be an embarrassment to the losing team. But in Blacksheep MilSim, that is almost as close as you can get. After we were back on the road we were talking about the experience, and to say the least, I was tired, sore, and cranky. But even at my crabbiest, when I was askedRead More

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Blacksheep MilSim – Part 6

After holding our position in the church for a little while longer, our squad was given orders to head out and take some more buildings. There were three buildings in a row which acted as residences, and we had to take them from left to right. The biggest issue with this is the layout creates a distinct advantage for whoever controls the center building. It’s basically set up so that there’s a channel created with a walkway to the center building and entrances to the residences on either side offRead More