Airsoft Gun Maintenance

November 8, 2014

Airsoft guns don’t require anywhere near the amount of maintenance as a real gun, however it is still a good idea to clean them up and perform routine maintenance as needed.

The main part of the gun that you need to worry about taking care of is the barrel. While out in the field it is hard to keep it clean, when you’re rolling, crawling, diving, and even just playing without tactical movement, you will almost always still get some kind of dirt and gunk in your barrel. The most easy and safe way to clean the barrel on your gun is to take the charging rod and put a piece of fabric in the eye hole and slide it, while twisting, up and down your barrel. Our Technician, Joe, recommends using something like a small square cut from a T-shirt. While you are cleaning the barrel it is important to make sure you don’t push the charging rod all the way down to magazine well area, as if you do there is a chance that you can break your hop-up unit or bucking.

Another part of routine maintenance is to make sure all your connections are properly set. This is a fairly simple task to perform. Version 2 and 3 gearboxes have the motor housed in the pistol grip. Once you remove the base of the pistol grip, or the entire pistol grip in the case of Version 3 gearboxes, you see a black wire and a red wire. You need to make sure that each of these wires are connected to their respective terminals. If they are, than you are properly connected.

I hope this helps with performing routine maintenance, to help keep your gun and running at top performance.

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